The CCM is amazing. Im so busy all the time and learning so much. Its amazing. The spirit is so strong here and I am so happy to be here. Its also a very humbling experience to be at the CCM. I came to Guatemala knowing my spanish wasnt great but als o knowing a little spanish. But then I get here and realize how little I know. Spanish can be hard. All my teachers say spanish is ‘muy facil’ or very easy. The first couple of days I was like “ummm yeah sure. Maybe for you”. But it’s amazing how much my spanish has improved since I got here. Within the past couple of days I have taught around 7 lessons only in spanish. Not perfectly and definitley full of mistakes but I feel more confident is spanish. Yesterday we taught our investigator Jaime for the second time. My companion and I had planned to teach about commandments and the atonement but then Jaime asked about prophets. We were like well I guess we are teaching about prophets haha. I was so glad that we had learned some vocabulary for the restoration earlier that morning. I know God is blessing me and helping me with spanish. I definitely could not do this without Him.
My companion is Hermana Bernal from Seattle, WA. She is amazing! We actually lived in the same dorm last year in David John except she was in the other wing. Small Mormon World. Her dad is from Columbia so she gets mistaken for a latina Hermana all the time. She is way better at spanish than I am so she helps me a lot. My district is pretty cool too. Its wierd to think that I am older than all the elders in my district. We played two truths and a lie as a get to know you game and they believed that I played rubgy haha. I’ll take that.
To get better at spanish the Nortes (me) are told to sit with and make friends with the Latinas. The latinas are so funny. I can have better conversations with them now. They alwasy ask us about movies and actors and singers. My favorite latina moment was when we quoted Nacho Libre with them at dinner. It was amazing and hilarious. I was dying! haha
We picked a district motto and one Elder suggested that our motto be ‘Faith it till you make it’ I really liked that. Especially with the spanish and stresses of the CCM I know I have to rely on the Lord to help me. I have to have faith in Christ and in the power of the Atonement and trust that He will help me! I know He will!
Even though it can be hard, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. When I think about sharing this wonderful gospel with real people I am filled with such joy. I’m so happy. This gospel has blessed my life so much and I cant wait to share it with others!!

Con Mucho Amor!!
Hermana Gunderson