I got a hug from Jeff and Bonnie (our uncle and aunt, who are presidents of a mission in Fresno, CA) from Hermana Cox, the President of the CCM´s wife. They live in the Fresno mission and know Chelsea Bell (Sarah’s friend from college) as well. Well, I guess their son went to a baptism and Uncle Jeff was there and said that I was here in Guatemala and a hug was passed on from there! And President Cox said they have friends that live in Pleasant View that knew Jeff and Bonnie before they left!
Sunday was my favorite day this past week. It was an amazing Sabbath day full of the spirit and wonderful lessons. Hermana Cox taught a lesson on gratitude that really touched me and two of my favorite latina Hermanas gave beautiful talks on repentance and the Savior. Relief society and sunday school (or district class) were both in English but Sacrament meeting was in spanish. We also had several deviotionals and a health presentation for out in the field. Basically I know how to prevent most sicknesses and bug stuff. I plan on being a healthy and able vessel for the Lord!
The latinas are leaving today. Its so sad! They are amazing people and missionaries. We have gotten so close to them. But we get a new batch today so new people to meet and more spanish to learn.
The 6 weekers are leaving today as well and all Saturday we taught them lessons. Hermana Bernal and I taught these two Hermanas that we had practiced with our first time teaching in spanish. They were really impressed with how much our spanish has improved and how much our companionship unity has improved. I definitely feel more confident teaching. We now have two investigators that we are teaching, Miguel and Gabriel. I love teaching. Im working on listening to the investigator and the spirit more because right now I am so focused on trying to understand what they are saying to me and trying to figure out how to say what I want to say and remember what we wanted to teach them. As a district, we have decided to try and speak only spanish during all of our meals. We want to be the first Norte district that speaks only spanish to each other. I dont know about the rest of my district, but that little hint of competition has really sparked my fire and I want to accomplish the most that I can here!
Its been great having Hermana Bernal as a companion. We work really well together. Sometimes we forget that we are now a single entity and that we have to go everywhere together. Its not ‘I have to go to something’ its ‘we have to go do something’ But its great. Shes so funny and sweet and a really hard worker. She is an example and teacher to me sometimes.
Here at the CCM Im learning alot about the application of 1 Nephi 3:7. “And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them.”                                                                              There are so many times that we are sent to practice teaching something that we have never done before and really dont know the spanish for. But you just go and do it and know that the Lord will bless you and help you grow. It doesnt work to be scared or fight it. Just go and do it.
Now for the fun and less spiritual stories. I am a force to be reckoned with in Volleyball. I have 1) accidentally hit a Latino Elder in the head with the volleyball. I didnt have the vocabulary to express how bad I felt. I just kept repeating ‘lo siento lo siento’ which is im sorry. He was a good sport about it! haha And 2) knocked a Polysnesian Elder from my district to the ground when we both ran for the volleyball. It was really not the outcome any of us were expecting but I guess i was going way faster that he was! It was really funny.
Last night we played a game during our grammar lesson. We had to each write sentences with the new verb that we learned which was poder. The team that had the most sentences that were correct won. We had a minute to write the sentences and each person got a different pronoun to use. Well when it was my turn I wrote an amazing sentence only to sit down and realize that I HAD FORGOT TO PUT PODER IN MY SENTENCE. The reason we were doing this game was to practice using poder AND I FORGOT IT. I was really struggling that game. It was so funny though and so much fun!
My arms have been getting these wierd bruises from volleyball. They are healing now but for a while I looked like a leper. It was the wierdest thing. I’m normal now though,haha.

I love you and I love missionary work.
Hermana Gunderson