We get our cameras back but only on PDays!!!! I cant send them at the CCM but there will be photo documentation of the CCM!!! Some news of the week is that my companion Hermana Bernal and I were called as Hermana Leaders! We work with the zone leaders to get the sunday devotional schedule together. We also run the Hermana devotionals every night and carry the Botoquin or medicine cabinent to help the Hermanas learn how to take care of their basic health needs! Im really excited to serve!

We were sitting with the latinas at lunch one day and I had a very funny revelation. Farts are funny in any language. They were talking about their room and farts and they were all laughing and I was laughing and it was great! They left today so that was sad, but they will be amazing missionaries.
I was playing volleyball last tuesday and I went to hit the ball backwards (which I have done before) and instead of hitting it i caught it with my arms and face. It was so funny. Everyone playing volleybal was on the ground laughing.
President Cox changed our deportes time to 6:30 in the morning which we were all kind of bummed about because it meant that we would not have a break in the middle of the day. President was giving us a hard time about it and said “are you guys ready to be 6:15 missionaries?” So now, me and all the Hermanas are going to wake up at 6:15 every morning and be early to deportes and when we see President down there working out, we are going to yell “We´re fired up!!!!!” We are turning our trial into a way to grow and embracing being a 6;15 hermana.
But the most exciting part of the four days since you heard from me last is that WE WENT INTO GUATEMALA CITY TODAY!!!!!
We went and toured the Governor´s palace and it was absolutely beautiful. WE then handed out copies of the Book of Mormon in the plaza. It was so amazing to do actual missionary work with real people. I was worried beforehand that I wouldnt be able to understand people or I would forget what to say, but neither were a problem. I loved talking to people and telling them that this Book can change their lives! Hermana Bernal handed out two copies of the Book of Mormon! It was amazing. It solidified the fact that I am supposed to be here in Guatemala on a mission. Teaching is amazing in the CCM but you are teaching your teachers pretending to be investigators. I treat them like real people, but there is something amazing about teaching real people. Im touching real lives. I know the Book fo Mormon is true and that it truly blesses peoples lives and brings us closer to our Father in Heaven. Although its scary to think about leaving the CCM, Im ready to go to the field. I cant wait to bless the lives of people in Retalhuleu with the gospel that has blessed my life so much!!
We also went to a giant market and I bought a super cute guatemalan dress! Im so excited. There is also a tienda that comes to the CCM and I got scripture cases, a cute bag with my name on it and a cute guatemalan skirt. They are awesome! Im done spending for a while though haha.
I love this gospel. I know its true. I love being a missionary. Even though sometimes its hard to sit in a classroom all day and spanish is sometimes hard missionary life is amazing, I know my savior Jesus Christ lives and loves me and gives me strength to do His work!!

Hermana Gunderson


Marcos Oct 4 2015