Hola! I’m leaving on Tuesday! I can’t believe it! The time has gone by so fast!

As I’ve looked back on these weeks in the CCM, I’ve realized how real the Gift of tongues is. I started out with little to no spanish and now I can teach with confidence and express myself decently in conversations. I think sometimes its hard to see gifts of the spirit like the gift of tongues working in your life because we have this idea of what it will be and we havent reached that point yet. But its in Gods way and time not ours. I see how much I still have to go but when I step back and look at how far I’ve come, I know that there is no other way that it could have happened except through the atonement of Christ.
We are using spanish much more throughout the day now. We are speaking only spanish in our class and when we speak in English, we get a point and when we get 5 points we have to recite the missionary objective or sing a song in spanish by ourselves in front of a latino district. So basically I’m speaking spanish all the time. And with my calling as Hermana leader, I have to help the Hermanas who speak spanish as well. We had four latina hermanas move into the room next door and we share a bathroom with them and living with them has also improved my spanish. This sunday I bore my testimony in spanish. I was also reminded of how grateful I am that I’m learning spanish and not Quiche, the mayan language. The elders that are learning Quiche all gave their testimonies in Quiche and it is a very tribal language and it sounds really hard. it sounds super cool, but Im so grateful for spanish.
Hermana Bernal and I have been working finding the need of our investigators better. We are asking questions and trying to follow the spirit, but sometimes we are told the need of our investigator in one of their answers, but we dont listen and we teach something that really doesnt help them. We are so focused on trying to teach well and understand spanish and do this in 15 min that we dont listen very well. But we are working on it because it is so important to listen to our investigators. We teach people not lessons. We want to help them and love them and we do that by listening.
I dont think I have communicated to you guys how much I love Hermana Bernal. She is amazing. She is going to Honduras (But not where Jaden is). She is such an exmaple to me. She works so hard, A couple weeks ago she was sick and even when she was not feeling well at all, she wanted to be in class and working and learning. We work so well together too. Sometimes we are so in tune that we say the same things at the same time. She is funny and fun and she laughs at my jokes so thats a plus. I’m really going to miss her.
Yesterday a member of the seventy Adrian Ochoa came to speak to us and give a devotional. Me, Hermana McBee, Jessop, and Bernal sang As Sisters in Zion and Called to Serve for the special musical number. We sounded so good. We love singing together. the devotional was really good as well. He talked about 7 things that help missionaries become the best missionaries.
The CCM cooks put on a special halloween dinner for us on saturday. It was amazing. There were so many amazing desserts and sweeets and we basically ate so much food. It was a nice little change to the scenery of the ccm and eating great food is always fun,
A funny story from this week was Saturday morning at 2:30 in the morning the fire alarm went off. It wasnt real, but its a funny story. All of the second floor elders evacuated, but none of the Hermanas did. All of us in the room were awake but we made a silent agreement not to go out. We were like “I dont hear anyone in the hall and we had a drill earlier this morning so its probably not real.” So we stayed in bed and went back to sleep. What makes me feel bettter is that Pres. and Hermana Cox also stayed in bed for a while. Though at leadership meeting he was like your trusted Hermana leaders failed to evacuate and all the hermanas would have died had it been real. I was like woops. My bad, sorry about that, terrible Hermana Leader right here. We definitely need to be better and actually evacuate but it was one of those times where your sleepy mind makes the decision and its not a great one but you follow it anyway.
Thats about all for this week! And next time you hear from me I will be IN THE FIELD!!! I also dont know if my president will let me email this week so it may be two weeks before i email again.
I love you all and I know that this work is true!
Hermana Gunderson