There is so much to tell you! I’m finally in the field!!! I feel like I’ve basically started over in spanish but I know I’m learning and I just have to be patient!! Im in a little town;It’s beautiful. It’s layed out like Galena or Nauvoo. My new companion is Hermana Acosta and she has 6 months in the mission field. She speaks no english so I’m definitely learning how to communicate in spanish. She is a great trainer. And spanish is her second language! she grew up speaking Kechwa (i dont know how to spell it) but its the language of the Incas.
It is so hot, and I sweat so much during the day. But it almost always rains every day. And by rains I mean it compeltely pours. Ive come home with soaking wet shoes and skirt several times. The ward here is really small, but the members are amazing. They are really nice and loving. Latin people in general are super nice. I also have never been so conspicuous. I mean haviung the missionary badge makes me pretty conspicuous, but add the fact that I’m a gringa and basically sometimes I feel like a walking circus attraction.

So much has happened, but i want to share two highlights. One day we tracted into this lady and she told us that she was really busy and didnt have time to talk to us. We offered to help her and she accepted our help! So we spent about an hour helping her make lunch, which is the big meal here. I learned how to make tamales with frijoles (beans) and I made about 30 of them. it was super fun!
This whole month the mission is doing 40 days of fasting for miracles. Each day a different area is fasting and we take turns throughout the 40 days. It was our turn to fast on friday and I can testify that fasting brings miracles. Wednesday and Thurday barely anyone wanted to talk to us. We were tracting and tracting but no one that we talked to was a positive new investigator. But during and after the fast, we found so many people that are new and willing to receive lessons from us. But the biggest miracle is that I HAVE A BAPTISM ON SATURDAY!!!! This Hermano and his family came to the Activity friday night. His wife is a member but he isnt. He has been taught by the missionaries before, but Sunday night was our first lesson with him. We invited him to be baptized this saturday and he accepted!! He said that he wants to completely change his life and strengthen his family and is excited to be baptized. There is a temple trip on decemeber 5 and he wants to go to that! As we were teaching him i could see the spirit in his eyes and how the knowledge of this gospel is already changing his life. He is someone that the Lord prepared and put in our path. This is truly the Lord´s work!
We are teaching a little boy  who is in a part member family. He is so sweet and loves to sing hymns and has a desire to learn more about Jesus. He said that he couldnt understand me the first time we taught him, but the next day he said he understood me. And he even asked in his prayer that I could learn spanish. It was so nice.
A big finding opportunity that we have is our English classes featuring yours truly!!! Im excited to teach english but as im learning spanish im realizing how difficult english really is. yesterday in our lesson with the little boy that were teaching,  they wanted me to pray in English so i did. But im so used to praying in spanish that I kept accidentally slipping into spanish.
I know that the Church is true and that the Book of Mormon is true and that this gospel changes peoples lives!!!
Love and miss you all!
Hermana Gunderson
At the Governor’s palace
Photobomb (at the Gov’s palace)
Sarah and her companion, Hermana Bernal
Statue representing peace (they call it the Ammon statue:))


New companions Hermana Gunderson and Hermana Acosta