This week we had a meeting for new missionaries in Retalhuleu and so I  got to see all my friends from the CCM! They are doing great. As the elders were telling me stories of rat hunts that they have already had im so grateful for our nice apartment where the biggest critter i have to deal with are ants. And I have warm showers. So that’s amazing. The training we recieved in Reu was amazing. The biggest story from the meeting was the trip back to the apartment.There were about 8 missionaries going back to or through the same city on the way to their area. We rode this bus and we get on and about every seat is full. I don’t think that they have capacity limits here. So we squish onto the bus and then continue to let people on the bus the entire hour ride back. I don’t think there was a part of me that wasn’t touching another person. It was so hot and sweaty. and then this guy gets up and starts preaching for at least 10 minutes in the front of the bus. I’m 90 percent sure he started preaching because he saw the missionaries and wanted to save our souls. It was pretty funny. Quite the guatemalan bus ride adventure.
The baptism we had was amazing. A miracle happened and we baptized two people on saturday. Daniel is 15 and has been investigating the church for about 2 months. He wanted to get baptized before i got here but his mom would not give him permission. Daniel was ready for baptism excepting thet fact that his mom said no. So this week we went to talk to his mom with our district leaders. She basically wanted him to be perfect before baptism. We taught her and testified of the importance of baptism and how we dont need to be perfect to be baptized. She continued to resist for a while. Finally she asked Daniel how he felt about it and he testified that he feels peace and tranquility in the church and he wants so badly to get baptized and to change. This really softened her heart. The entire lesson I was praying for a miracle and for her heart to be softened and it was. She gave Daniel permission to be baptized. Saturday was a happy happy day.
It has been raining so much here. One day we were out tracting and the heavens opened and our umbrellas were insufficient. We were completely soaked. Thankfully some members saw us and we took refuge in their house until it let up and then we went and changed into dry warm clothes. Literally everything was wet. I now carry my rain jacket with me ALWAYS.
We tracted into a house with a well and I learned how to draw water from the well so that was pretty cool! I also learned how to make a dish from peru today for lunch. It was so good!
I love you all and the mission here in Guatemala. I see so many miracles everyday. This gospel is true and we can do all things through the Lord!
Hermana Gunderson


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Saturday’s baptism