We had a zone meeting and then the assistants brought us down turkey lunch with mashed potatoes, rolls, and pumpkin pie. It was wonderful. It was so fun to celebrate Thanksgiving and to explain our traditions to Hermana Acosta and the two latina hermanas in my zone! They liked it! It wasn’t a bacon wrapped turkey, but it was a great thanksgiving!
This week we visited one of our investigators, Azucena to teach her and see if she had talked to her ‘esposo’ about marriage. Marriage is the only thing keeping her from being baptized. Here a lot of people live together and call each other esposos but they arent actually married. We always have to ask if they are married. Anyways, we got to her house and Azucena needed help bringing water from the river up to the house. So Hna Acosta and I got to help her! They use a towel and wrap it in a circle and put it on their heads and then place the giant thing of water on their heads to carry it back. It was pretty cool. The hardest part for me is not falling because I am very clumsy and I have a jug of water on my head which makes walking a bit difficult. After we brought the water back, we taught Azucena, her sister Brenda, and Azucena´s two kids the restoration. It was a good lesson. We told Azucena our story about how last monday we did laundry and our clothes were on the line on the roof drying when we went to lunch. During lunch it starts pouring and we were super far from our house. So all of our clothes got soaked and we had to leave them out there longer to dry. Azucena thought that that was the funniest thing ever.
This week we baptized Yessenia. I’ve only taught her a couple lessons, but she was investigating the church before I got here. Saturday night was here, baptism at 7. At about 6;10 all the lights in the city went off. i still have no idea why the lights were out, but for a while we thought we were going to have to baptize Yessenia by candlelight. We had the candles bought and everything. It was actually pretty funny. it was like an attempt by Satan to stop the baptism. As we were helping Yessenia get ready by the light of the flashlight, we leave the bathroom and there is light in the Church!!! It was a small miracle! We had the baptism and it was amazing. The spirit was really strong. You could see the light in Yessenias eyes, just full of joy! She is going through a lot of trials right now, but she has the gospel to help her face these trials. The joy of the gospel is real.
On friday we had a ward activity called Noche de Felicidad. It was super fun with different games and fun things to do. we had a ton of investigators show up. Which was amazing. We even had four teenagers come that we had contacted and taught that week. We really did not expect them to come but four of them came. it was amazing! Saturday there was a stake christmas activity that we made an appearance at to help the relief society. All the different wards prepared a little segment of the christmas story and had little vending booths in the parking lot. Our ward had the actual birth of Jesus. our mary´s husband couldnt make it to be joseph so they called the elders of Coatepeque, the neighboring ward and Elder preciado was Joseph. It was pretty funny.
This week we worked a ton with members which was amazing. but we struggled to find new investigators to teach. We were working so hard and talking to people but no one wanted to hear us. its definitely a trial, but hna acosta and i are are pressing forward with faith and trying new ways to contact people. Its definitely teaching me to rely on the savior and that its His work and His timing. We are in the process of planning an invitation sunday (thank you Sterling ward for the idea) which im really excited about. I think it will help build the excitement and animation of the ward and help us in our teaching and finding efforts.
Fun other things this week
1) I had my first critter in our apartment. A little gecko. he was cute but ran our the window when i looked closely at him
2) yesterday we tracted into this family and were serving them and washing dishes for them. As we were talking to them, the wife said that she thought that I was from brazil because i sounded brazilian. i laughed. It was a great compliment.
3) From the mouth of babes. It’s always the kids who say things like ´’ i can’t understand anything you are saying´’ this week that happened twice. its pretty funny.
I’m sweating buckets here but enjoying every minute- the hard times and the miracles. i know that the church is true and that jesus is my Savior.
Hna Gunderson


Selfie featuring lurking Elder


Christmas Activity