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Breaking the record


New Companion
Birthday Party
This week we had transfers! And SURPRISE! the Lord decided that He needs Hna A in R. So I have a new companion, Hna C.  She is awesome! She is from Honduras (WOO) and has 15 months in the mission. She is a lot of fun and a great missionary. I’m definitely going to learn a lot from her. I love that I get to learn from two trainers. I was a little nervous about transfers because I only have a month in E and I need to teach Hna C the area and show her all of our investigators. But the Lord qualifies those whom He calls and I have felt myself grow this week with my new responsibility. I have felt the enabling and strengthening power of the atonement as I strive to do the work that I need to do.

With the new video about Christmas that the church has put out, our district has activities this week and last week to show the videos and find new people to teach. Its a really powerful thing to watch the videos and testify of Christ. Each companionship chooses a video to show and gives a small message after the video. The spirit in every one of these activities has been so strong. I love Christmas and the time that we have to celebrate Christ. Tomorrow Hna C and I are having our activity in the Park by our house. We put together a ward choir and they are going to sing in between the videos and we are going to have a nativity that people can take pictures with like Santa. I’m really excited about it. Pray that it goes well!

This week we decided to contact in a place that I have never contacted before. There are public pools where people can wash their clothes in a párt of our area. Behind these pools was a páth to houses. We decided to take it one day and many people that we talked to were willling to listen to us and meet with us again. I know that the Lord is in charge of His work and that there are people prepared to hear the gospel from Hna C and I and He will help us find them. Our goal as a mission is to break our record of baptisms in January and baptize over 200 people. We are relying on the Lord to help us accomplish this miracle and moving forward with faith and working hard. My zone accomplished a miracle in November breaking the monthly record of 27/5 people baptized (the five represents families) to 42/5. We can continue to accomplish it in December and January.

I’m memorizing The Living Christ as a way to celebrate Christmas. It is a beautiful testimony of Christ from living Apostles and prophets. I know He lives and He is my Savior and that because He was born, all things are possible.


Hermana Gunderson