Hermana Sarah Gunderson

Retalhuleu, Guatemala Mission, September 2015-March 2017


January 2016

Week 11!

This week was week 11 in my training where I had to lead everything. It was scary at first and stressful because if an appointment fell through I was the one that had to figure out what we were going to do next. But I got used to it and my confidence grew.
this week we baptized Julio, Felica, and Heydi. Felica is the sister of Hna Azucena. We were talkning in a conference about the one more person that we could teach and baptize and hna cabrera and i both thought “felica”. Everytime Azucena goes to church Felica comes and she is always in the lessons with us too. so we challenged her to a baptismal date and she accepted and was baptized. it was a miracle. We also baptized and taught Heydi. Heydi is 8 and her mom is a less active member. The primary president wanted us to teach her for baptism and we did it as a service to her. We thought that she was a niña inscrito (i dont know the english equivalent. its when her parents are members) but when we went to do the páperwork sunday she wasnt in the sytem and her baptism was a convert baptism, which was super cool.
Our ward mission leader and his family are super cool. This week they have been super helpful in everything, teaching with us, driving us and investigators around in their car and helping us with our activity. His wife, yoselin has went on visits with us this week with their 9 month old baby. She carried him in the backpack thing and walked everywhere with us. She is super cool.
On wednesday we went to Reu for a satelite broadcast for all the missionaries around the world! It was really cool. We were re taught the fundamentals of Preach my Gospel and the importance of preaching repentance and baptizing converts-people that are going to be strong members for life. I learned alot. And i got to see some of the people from the CCM and Hna Acosta too.
This week everyday, Hna Cabrera and i have memorized a different scripture. Ponderizing them so to speak. The Book of Mormon is amazing. it has the answers to all questions and can really help us in our lives. When we learn scriptures and apply them to our lives we gain a stronger testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. We grow closer to Christ.
Hermana Gunderson




Perfect pancake!

The Lord will provide a way

This week started out interesting. i conquered my first Guatemalan sickness, the Zika. I had a rash all over my body and my eyes were all red and my body hurt, BUT i kept going and im good now. Its going around and a lot of people have had it. i think its from bug bites but im not sure. But now when people say they have sica i can empathize with them.

This week we had a miracle with Julio. Our last appointment with him he told us that he wasnt going to get baptized. so we took a little break teaching him. He came to church 3 times in the break and we set up another appointment. The assistants came down and wanted to do the baptismal interview with Julio. Church completely changed him. He wants to get baptized! So he is getting baptized this Saturday! It was amazing to see the change in him and see that going to church is really important. He was reading the Book of Mormon and was still having doubts about baptism but when he went to church he felt the spirit and his doubts were resolved. Church attendance is so important.

We also went with the elders in Gardenias to celebrate the birthday of Cliver, Azucenas little boy. Its was super fun. We bought pizza and cake and went and had a little party with them. Azucena and her kids are so amazing. They are like family.
This week we had the goal to find 16 new investigators. and we made a commitment to our district that we would find 16 new investigators. when we set goals, the Lord provides a way to accomplish them. We found many families this week that are ready to accept the gospel and we were able to meet and pass our goal with 20 new investigators. This is testimony of the scripture in 1 nephi 3:7 which im ponderizing today. When the Lord gives us commandements, we can always accomplish them because the Lord will provide a way. There is nothing that we cant do or overcome in this life if we rely on the Lord and the power of the atonement.
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Christmas tamales
A water wheel found while tracting
Matching T-Swift shirts


Saturday’s baptism
The rain!
Fruit seed earrings

This week we were contacting in santa elena and we stopped at this one house with the door open. I yelled ´”buenas!” and started to talk to the guy who lives there. I literally only asked his name and introduced ourselves and he was like “do you guys want to come in?” I almost fell over. his name is Carlos. We taught him the restoration and challenged him to be baptized and he accepted! We are preparing him for the 30 of January. There are some days where we work so hard and are rejected constantly, Then there are days like this when people are literally placed in our hands. There are people that are ready to accept the gospel everywhere. We just have to be diligent and find them, even if sometimes we find them after a trial of faith. We just have to work hard, be obedient, and have faith!! and keep going always!
We tried to contact references from the christmas choir, but many directions and phone numbers were bad. We eventually found one of an abuela. She wasnt there but her grandaughter opened the door and we started talking with her and teaching her. We taught her thursday and challenged her to be baptized on the 28 and she accepted! Before my mission and at the beginning of my mission i was scared to invite people to be baptized. i dont know why, but i was. But this week I saw how important it is. My purpose is to invite people to come unto christ through baptism and how am i going to fulfill my purpose if i dont invite them? How are they going to be baptized if i dont invite them? its simple! i need to invite them! And when i invite them to be baptized and they understand the importance of baptism they are going to say yes!!
Friday we had a multizone conference in Tecun Uman which is the front of Mexico. Its also called the Land of fire because its so hot. Apparently it was cold for tecun and it was still blazing! it was an amazing conference. We are trying to work many miracles in January and President Ruiz wanted to give us more spiritual strengthening so that we can accomplish our goal.
Funny things that happened this week:
we contacted two girls and they really developed an attachement to me. One of them said give me your eyes and I was like how? then she said with a spoon. WELL, we are avoiding spoons. haha Hna Cabrera and I were dying of laughter.
We rode a tricycle thing to the church building in tecun. it was super fun
there is a fair going on in the street in front of the church. they set up games and restaurants in the street. Its really quite funny
Hna Gunderson

New Year

Hna C and I went out to breakfast this morning and i had a banana, nutella, and strawberry crepe. It was delicious.
this week we baptized Paula! It was a miracle. All baptisms are miracles. On sunday Paula and her brother Alejandro told us that her parents are okay with her getting baptized but they think that its a little fast. We thought that we would have to talk with her parents and teach them the importance of baptism and that maybe they wouldnt give permission for Paula to be baptized on saturday. But we had faith that Paula would get baptized that saturday. when we got to her house and told her mom that she was ready to be baptized this saturday, Paula´s mom was like “great! What time?” There wasn’t a problem at all. God is a God of miracles- big and small. It was a really nice baptismal service. Her mom came and her brother alejandro performed the baptism, which was really sweet. Alejandro joined the church a year ago and introduced Paula to the church. Paula was just glowing at her baptism. She is super amazing.
We are teaching a man named Jose Luis. He is super cool. He was an old investigator  but for some reason stopped meeting with the missionaries. We started teaching him again and in everything that we teach him, he understands and knows that its true. Although he cant read very much, he is reading the Book of Mormon. Its amazing.
This week I gained a testimony of service. We had the opportunity to serve investigators and members alot this week and I loved it. The joy that comes from serving others is truly amazing. I love being a missionary because I am serving the chapines and bringing them the joy of the gospel.
Fun things that happened this week
-we “adopted” a dog while we were tracting. he almost taught a lesson with us but then he left us.
-i completed 3 months in the mission
-Hna C and i celebrated New years with Ice cream and oreos.
-We got caught in the rain sunday night while tracting and got completely soaked
I love being a missionary and am excited for 2016!

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