Christmas tamales
A water wheel found while tracting
Matching T-Swift shirts


Saturday’s baptism
The rain!
Fruit seed earrings

This week we were contacting in santa elena and we stopped at this one house with the door open. I yelled ´”buenas!” and started to talk to the guy who lives there. I literally only asked his name and introduced ourselves and he was like “do you guys want to come in?” I almost fell over. his name is Carlos. We taught him the restoration and challenged him to be baptized and he accepted! We are preparing him for the 30 of January. There are some days where we work so hard and are rejected constantly, Then there are days like this when people are literally placed in our hands. There are people that are ready to accept the gospel everywhere. We just have to be diligent and find them, even if sometimes we find them after a trial of faith. We just have to work hard, be obedient, and have faith!! and keep going always!
We tried to contact references from the christmas choir, but many directions and phone numbers were bad. We eventually found one of an abuela. She wasnt there but her grandaughter opened the door and we started talking with her and teaching her. We taught her thursday and challenged her to be baptized on the 28 and she accepted! Before my mission and at the beginning of my mission i was scared to invite people to be baptized. i dont know why, but i was. But this week I saw how important it is. My purpose is to invite people to come unto christ through baptism and how am i going to fulfill my purpose if i dont invite them? How are they going to be baptized if i dont invite them? its simple! i need to invite them! And when i invite them to be baptized and they understand the importance of baptism they are going to say yes!!
Friday we had a multizone conference in Tecun Uman which is the front of Mexico. Its also called the Land of fire because its so hot. Apparently it was cold for tecun and it was still blazing! it was an amazing conference. We are trying to work many miracles in January and President Ruiz wanted to give us more spiritual strengthening so that we can accomplish our goal.
Funny things that happened this week:
we contacted two girls and they really developed an attachement to me. One of them said give me your eyes and I was like how? then she said with a spoon. WELL, we are avoiding spoons. haha Hna Cabrera and I were dying of laughter.
We rode a tricycle thing to the church building in tecun. it was super fun
there is a fair going on in the street in front of the church. they set up games and restaurants in the street. Its really quite funny
Hna Gunderson