This week started out interesting. i conquered my first Guatemalan sickness, the Zika. I had a rash all over my body and my eyes were all red and my body hurt, BUT i kept going and im good now. Its going around and a lot of people have had it. i think its from bug bites but im not sure. But now when people say they have sica i can empathize with them.

This week we had a miracle with Julio. Our last appointment with him he told us that he wasnt going to get baptized. so we took a little break teaching him. He came to church 3 times in the break and we set up another appointment. The assistants came down and wanted to do the baptismal interview with Julio. Church completely changed him. He wants to get baptized! So he is getting baptized this Saturday! It was amazing to see the change in him and see that going to church is really important. He was reading the Book of Mormon and was still having doubts about baptism but when he went to church he felt the spirit and his doubts were resolved. Church attendance is so important.

We also went with the elders in Gardenias to celebrate the birthday of Cliver, Azucenas little boy. Its was super fun. We bought pizza and cake and went and had a little party with them. Azucena and her kids are so amazing. They are like family.
This week we had the goal to find 16 new investigators. and we made a commitment to our district that we would find 16 new investigators. when we set goals, the Lord provides a way to accomplish them. We found many families this week that are ready to accept the gospel and we were able to meet and pass our goal with 20 new investigators. This is testimony of the scripture in 1 nephi 3:7 which im ponderizing today. When the Lord gives us commandements, we can always accomplish them because the Lord will provide a way. There is nothing that we cant do or overcome in this life if we rely on the Lord and the power of the atonement.
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