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Retalhuleu, Guatemala Mission, September 2015-March 2017


February 2016

Pretty much Guatemalan

This week was good. We are teaching a family. The esposa is Kerin and the esposo is Bartolo and they have two little kids. They are really interested and are really progressing as a family. The mom of Kerin was questioning her about our beliefs and she defended the Book of Mormon and stayed strong in her beliefs. They want to go to church as a family. they arent married and when we brought up baptism to Kerin she told us that she has the faith to be baptized but she thinks marriage is the next step. The spirit works in the people that we teach- There is a scripture in Alma 31 that says that the word of God has a more powerful effect on people than the sword. I know this is true. When people become truly converted to the gosepl and truly develop testimonies and truly know that Jesus Christ is their savior they change. They change and they have a true desire to become better. we didnt need to tell Kerin that they needed to get married to get baptised. She already knew that that was something that she needs to change. The spirit is powerful.
Sunday was a little hard because we had 15 people that had said that they would come to church. When we called everyone sunday morning and went to get some of them and bring them to church, only one could come. So we had an investigator named José in the church. and it was a miracle. He really liked church and he understands the things that we teach him. He told us that he really enjoyed the talks and that he wants to change things in his life and really apply things that he learned. This is one thing that i have learned on my mission so far, and especially this week. Many of the Guatemalans listen to us because they like listening to the word of God. But then they only listen and never do anything with the word of God. For the gospel to truly change us, we have to apply the gospel to our lives-we have to live it. And thats one thing about José, he wants to apply it.
Some fun things that happened
-we went three days in a row eating two lunches. lessoned learned, we probably shouldnt contact around lunchtime. the people here REALLY like to give us food. and a lot of it. We about died the third day we were so full.
-I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE REALLY GOOD TORTILLAS. like I’m basically chapina (Guatemalan) now

Love you all!
Hna Gunderson


Chickens and miracles

This week was good! We made a goal to better our contacting skills because we need new people to teach. we are focusing on trying to be the best that we can be so that the Lord can take over and we can see miracles! We did activites as a district this week to get references. We went to each area with a giant heart and card with hearts and then took pictures of people with the hearts. we are sharing the pure love of christ.
On tuesday we got to go to the setting apart of Hna Canty´s first convert Cristian. He left Wednesday for the Honduras San Pedro Sula West mission. It was super cool to go a setting apart and remember the night of mine and the day that I became a missionary. And it showed the goal of missionary work. We teach people so that they can change their lives with the gospel, be strong members in the church and so that they can go and serve the Lord and others.
Yesterday we found a miracle family. We went with the Relief Society president to visit a sick hermana in the ward. We were visiting with them when the relief society president asked about their daughter. Their daughter was in the house and we talked to her. She isn’t a member and she has had a desire to go to church with her parents for a while. The church that she goes to is in the afternoon and for some reason she didnt go yesterday and then we showed up and met her and her husband and 2 kids. We are having a family home evening with them tonight. this week both Hermana Canty and I have been thinking about the D&C 4 scripture “the field is white and ready to harvest” we feel like a lot of the people we are teaching are still green or not even in the ground yet. They are listening and learning but they dont come to church which is a really important commitment. They arent quite ready to harvest yet. As missionaries our job is to find the people who are ready to hear the gospel, who are ready to keep their commitments and be baptized. Those people are “white and ready to harvest”.
We learned how to kill chickens this week
we have been sort of twins everyday
we ate so much food at the zone meeting on thursday that we scared our district leader and his companion
I almost fell to the ground in front of the church tuesday night
Hermana Gunderson



New casa

Well there is a lot of big news this week! if i were to title the week it would be “la casa de las gringas y cucurachas” because SURPRISE i was transfered! sadly i left esperanza and Hna Cabrera and I am now in M. with Hna Canty from Colorado. the funniest thing is that we have read her blog! and now we are companions. And when she heard i had transfers she was like yep im gonna be comps with Hna Gunderson. But shes great! We live in a house with two other hermanas also from the states, Hna eaton and Hna hill. its crazy. We have to make ourselves speak spanish or our spanish is going to die… But my area is way bigger than esperanza. We either take a tuk tuk or a bus to our area from our house and its like 10-15 min. Its more townish than Esperanza in our area but in the center of mazate its more city. Another cool thing is that when hna cabrera started to be my comp she left this same area.  So im in her old area.

we have some really cool people that we are teaching. Some really cool families that want to go to church together and change their lives together. We are focusing a lot on familias and Heavenly father is putting them in our path. The gospel is for families so that they can be baptized and one day go to the temple and be sealed together for eternity. The gospel blesses everyone but it makes it possible for families to be forever. we were tracting and we taught a lesson in a house to three families at once. We finally got to know the husband of a lady that we are teaching and he is interested in the gospel too. We have a young married couple that is preparing to be baptized. The Lord is in His work and the gospel can unify the family. I have seen this so much in my week. Families are so special and important.
Fun things
I ate liver this week
we have a familiy of cockroaches living in our house
tuk tuks are little red car/motorcycle things that are amazing
everone thinks that hna canty and i are actualy sisters
Love and miss everyone!
Hermana Gunderson

“I love being a missionary.”

I’m doing great! There are always hard days and days where we come home and just crash after planning, but I love being a missionary.
This week was pretty cool. Hermana cabrera and I taught one of the coolest lessons. The elderes of coatepeque wanted us to teach a lesson to their investigator because they thought that she would feel comfortable with us and like us and that maybe we could help her in a different way than the elders. She knows that the church is true but she doesnt want to get baptised. They thought that maybe we could help resolve her fear. So we went and taught her and we were really guided by the spirit. We taught and asked questions that were defintiely inspired and from God. We were able to discern what was stopping her from beung baptized. It was a lesson that confirmed that the Lord puts the right words in the mouths of his servants.
One sunday this month we found this man Epifanio and taught him and set up a second lesson with him. But we couldnt find his house the next day (we contacted him in the street). Then on friday we were walking in arroyo where we found him and he was there. He let us into his house and we taught him. He has some really good questions. He also came to church yesterday. But another cool part about Epifanio is that one day last week when we were trying to find him and couldn’t, I was leading the area so I decided that we would tract for a bit. I decided that we would knock this door. We talked to the lady of the house, taught her, left a pamphlet and left. Come to find out that its the house of epifanio. The lord truly guides us.
Fun things
one day this week we the city didnt have power for like half the day.
I completed 4 months
We made our goal of 200 baptisms with 203
We woke up early on sunday with our ward mission leader and two of the young men to wake up the ward for church
I love you guys and miss you!
Hermana Gunderson

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