I’m doing great! There are always hard days and days where we come home and just crash after planning, but I love being a missionary.
This week was pretty cool. Hermana cabrera and I taught one of the coolest lessons. The elderes of coatepeque wanted us to teach a lesson to their investigator because they thought that she would feel comfortable with us and like us and that maybe we could help her in a different way than the elders. She knows that the church is true but she doesnt want to get baptised. They thought that maybe we could help resolve her fear. So we went and taught her and we were really guided by the spirit. We taught and asked questions that were defintiely inspired and from God. We were able to discern what was stopping her from beung baptized. It was a lesson that confirmed that the Lord puts the right words in the mouths of his servants.
One sunday this month we found this man Epifanio and taught him and set up a second lesson with him. But we couldnt find his house the next day (we contacted him in the street). Then on friday we were walking in arroyo where we found him and he was there. He let us into his house and we taught him. He has some really good questions. He also came to church yesterday. But another cool part about Epifanio is that one day last week when we were trying to find him and couldn’t, I was leading the area so I decided that we would tract for a bit. I decided that we would knock this door. We talked to the lady of the house, taught her, left a pamphlet and left. Come to find out that its the house of epifanio. The lord truly guides us.
Fun things
one day this week we the city didnt have power for like half the day.
I completed 4 months
We made our goal of 200 baptisms with 203
We woke up early on sunday with our ward mission leader and two of the young men to wake up the ward for church
I love you guys and miss you!
Hermana Gunderson