Well there is a lot of big news this week! if i were to title the week it would be “la casa de las gringas y cucurachas” because SURPRISE i was transfered! sadly i left esperanza and Hna Cabrera and I am now in M. with Hna Canty from Colorado. the funniest thing is that we have read her blog! and now we are companions. And when she heard i had transfers she was like yep im gonna be comps with Hna Gunderson. But shes great! We live in a house with two other hermanas also from the states, Hna eaton and Hna hill. its crazy. We have to make ourselves speak spanish or our spanish is going to die… But my area is way bigger than esperanza. We either take a tuk tuk or a bus to our area from our house and its like 10-15 min. Its more townish than Esperanza in our area but in the center of mazate its more city. Another cool thing is that when hna cabrera started to be my comp she left this same area.  So im in her old area.

we have some really cool people that we are teaching. Some really cool families that want to go to church together and change their lives together. We are focusing a lot on familias and Heavenly father is putting them in our path. The gospel is for families so that they can be baptized and one day go to the temple and be sealed together for eternity. The gospel blesses everyone but it makes it possible for families to be forever. we were tracting and we taught a lesson in a house to three families at once. We finally got to know the husband of a lady that we are teaching and he is interested in the gospel too. We have a young married couple that is preparing to be baptized. The Lord is in His work and the gospel can unify the family. I have seen this so much in my week. Families are so special and important.
Fun things
I ate liver this week
we have a familiy of cockroaches living in our house
tuk tuks are little red car/motorcycle things that are amazing
everone thinks that hna canty and i are actualy sisters
Love and miss everyone!
Hermana Gunderson