This week was good! We made a goal to better our contacting skills because we need new people to teach. we are focusing on trying to be the best that we can be so that the Lord can take over and we can see miracles! We did activites as a district this week to get references. We went to each area with a giant heart and card with hearts and then took pictures of people with the hearts. we are sharing the pure love of christ.
On tuesday we got to go to the setting apart of Hna Canty´s first convert Cristian. He left Wednesday for the Honduras San Pedro Sula West mission. It was super cool to go a setting apart and remember the night of mine and the day that I became a missionary. And it showed the goal of missionary work. We teach people so that they can change their lives with the gospel, be strong members in the church and so that they can go and serve the Lord and others.
Yesterday we found a miracle family. We went with the Relief Society president to visit a sick hermana in the ward. We were visiting with them when the relief society president asked about their daughter. Their daughter was in the house and we talked to her. She isn’t a member and she has had a desire to go to church with her parents for a while. The church that she goes to is in the afternoon and for some reason she didnt go yesterday and then we showed up and met her and her husband and 2 kids. We are having a family home evening with them tonight. this week both Hermana Canty and I have been thinking about the D&C 4 scripture “the field is white and ready to harvest” we feel like a lot of the people we are teaching are still green or not even in the ground yet. They are listening and learning but they dont come to church which is a really important commitment. They arent quite ready to harvest yet. As missionaries our job is to find the people who are ready to hear the gospel, who are ready to keep their commitments and be baptized. Those people are “white and ready to harvest”.
We learned how to kill chickens this week
we have been sort of twins everyday
we ate so much food at the zone meeting on thursday that we scared our district leader and his companion
I almost fell to the ground in front of the church tuesday night
Hermana Gunderson