This week was good. We are teaching a family. The esposa is Kerin and the esposo is Bartolo and they have two little kids. They are really interested and are really progressing as a family. The mom of Kerin was questioning her about our beliefs and she defended the Book of Mormon and stayed strong in her beliefs. They want to go to church as a family. they arent married and when we brought up baptism to Kerin she told us that she has the faith to be baptized but she thinks marriage is the next step. The spirit works in the people that we teach- There is a scripture in Alma 31 that says that the word of God has a more powerful effect on people than the sword. I know this is true. When people become truly converted to the gosepl and truly develop testimonies and truly know that Jesus Christ is their savior they change. They change and they have a true desire to become better. we didnt need to tell Kerin that they needed to get married to get baptised. She already knew that that was something that she needs to change. The spirit is powerful.
Sunday was a little hard because we had 15 people that had said that they would come to church. When we called everyone sunday morning and went to get some of them and bring them to church, only one could come. So we had an investigator named José in the church. and it was a miracle. He really liked church and he understands the things that we teach him. He told us that he really enjoyed the talks and that he wants to change things in his life and really apply things that he learned. This is one thing that i have learned on my mission so far, and especially this week. Many of the Guatemalans listen to us because they like listening to the word of God. But then they only listen and never do anything with the word of God. For the gospel to truly change us, we have to apply the gospel to our lives-we have to live it. And thats one thing about José, he wants to apply it.
Some fun things that happened
-we went three days in a row eating two lunches. lessoned learned, we probably shouldnt contact around lunchtime. the people here REALLY like to give us food. and a lot of it. We about died the third day we were so full.
-I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE REALLY GOOD TORTILLAS. like I’m basically chapina (Guatemalan) now

Love you all!
Hna Gunderson