This week was a week of miracles. Monday night we went to talk to hno Jimmy who had a baptism date for this satruday. We werent sure if he was actually going to get baptized but when we got there he was like “so this saturday right hermanas?” Yeah! so then we got excited. His wife mildred still didnt want to get baptized. She wanted more time and to know for sure that she was doing it just for her and not for Jimmy. The next morning we get a call from Jimmy and he told us to call mildred because she had something to tell us. so we call her and she tells us ” im going to get baptized this satruday too” we literally jumped around like little girls we were so excited. They are amazing. We hadnt taught them a lesson in over two weeks because they were never home, but the Lord worked a miracle and resolved the doubts and fears that Hna Mildred had. There were more obstacles for the baptism- their interview and right before the baptism they got in a little car accident- but they were baptized and Hno Jimmy told us that he knows that it was Satan trying to oppose them and that solidified even more that they needed to get baptized. Its when i get to know people like them that you see so many of the blessings of being a missionary. When you see the little changes that the gospel makes in the lives of the people we teach. when you see them doing their best to be better. It wasnt much, but they showed up sunday to church in church clothes and they got to the church before us. Jimmy in a white shirt and tie and mildred in a cute shirt and skirt. it was just the coolest feeling to see that they could feel the importance of baptism and the step that they took. It was a miralce that we recieved after we worked hard all month and did “all that we could” and the Lord did the rest.
We taught a guy that when we challenged him to baptism rejected us and preached to us for an hour. Then we testified of the importance of the Book of Mormon and we could feel the spirit really strong and we know that he felt the truth of our message. His wife Yaneth felt it and understood it but he rejected it and continued to fight with us basically. its really sad when that happens but its where agency comes into play. We teach and testify and the investigators can feel the spirit. But they have the choice to accecpt it or reject it. But we can more at peace with this sadness because we did our part and testified of the restored gospel.
I also went on Divisiones with Hna Campos our hermana leader this thurday and friday. It was cool to learn from her and see how she works and to get to know her more. there were also tender mercies because every person that we planned for was there and i didnt have to think of plan bs. And that i was able to find houses without getting too lost.
Fun things
a cockroach got into our agua pura…
i almost got cheek kissed by a 12 year old boy… i might have given him a complex because i flat out rejected him in front of all of his friends
i have 5 months today!
Hermana Gunderson


Riding in a tuk tuk