This week was great. We had another lesson with Eric and Yaneth. They were the couple that we taught on Sunday where we challenged them to baptism and he talked for an hour. We taught a really powerful lesson about the book of mormon. Eric loves the Bible and its really hard for him to accept that there is another book that is the word of God. He thinks that we are trying to replace the Bible with the Book of Mormon. But we read Moroni 10:3-5 with them and challenged them to really read the book of mormon and study it like they study the Bible. They both committed to do it. This was a small miracle in itself, that Eric is going to read it and that he opened his heart just a little bit. then we went and visited Yaneth on saturday and asked her how her reading went. She was like “Hermanas, I read the part that you left me. and i prayed and asked God if it was true. And its absolutely true. It is the word of God. Its not replacing the Bible. It has so much of the Bible in it. I not only read what you left me, i read more. i know its true” It was amazing. We could feel the strength of her testimony hit us. We were literally speechless from joy. I KNOW THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE. It is powerful. If we read it, study it, and ask God if it is true in prayer, HE WILL ANSWER US. We will feel that it is true. It changes people. I have seen that in my mission so much already. It answers doubts and questions and strengthens our testimony of Jesus Christ. IT IS TRUE.
Yaneth also came to church on sunday, even though she went to the emergency room in the middle of the night and still felt bad. She and her son are getting baptised this saturday.
on a much less spiritual note, we encountered possibly the BIGGEST SPIDER i have ever seen IN MY LIFE, IN OUR ROOM. it was terrible. We left and then came back and we couldnt find it, which was terrifying. Then thankfully we found it and it took on very brave Hermana eaton to kill it and the rest of us screaming and watching us kill it.
I also fell into drainage hole while we were walking to a lesson with Yaneth and Eric one night. I cannot describe to you how suprised i was to suddenly be in water up to my knees. I also cannot describe how DISGUSTING that water is. Needless to say, i came home and showered and washed my clothes. We still laugh about it. And shudder a little too.
Hermana Gunderson




“Us being weird with our skirts after lunch.”
Hermana Eaton killing the spider
Skating on prep day!