This week Janeth (i learned its actually spelled this way) and her son Lester got baptized, Saturday morning we called and she was sick and worried about being in the wáter and getting more sick. Her husband Eric was asking if we could do it another day. But we told her that we could try to heat the wáter and that she wouldnt be in the wáter for very long. She accepted and was baptized. The heating of the wáter really didnt do much, but it eased her fear and she went forward with faith. She wants all of her family to get baptized. Its so amazing and cute. She is such a special person. You can feel her testimony and her light shine. We asked her who she wanted to baptize her and she told us “I want Elder Solorio (our zone leader who did her baptismal interview) to baptize me because he saw the blackness of my soul and i want him to see me clean again.” I loved that. That is the atonement. No mattter how black our souls are we can become clean through repentance and baptism. She has taught me so much.
On sunday she came late to church and without Lester. We were like Where is Lester and she told us that he didnt want to come. We were like he needs to get confirmed! his baptism isnt complete yet. So during the last talk hna canty and i left and got Lester in a tuk tuk to get him confirmed. It was crazy but the important part is that he is confirmed.
This week we recieved a reference and we went to contact them. The hermanas told us that they were really positive and that they wanted to get baptized. When we went to contact them we realized that it was a family that we had already contacted and that they were not positive. So we went and taught them and were completely amazed. Even though they were the same people they were completely different. They want to get baptized. THey want to know more. They Lord changes hearts. And this is the greatest miracle of missionary work. The change of hearts.
Lester and Janeth were baptized in purple wáter. We tried to use this blue dye that the elders use to make the wáter pretty because the wáter was really dirty. But the elders messed up and bought PURPLE. And then they put it in. And it wasnt just purple a Little bit. It was REALLLY PURPLE. But its okay. It was funny. She thought it was blessing powder.
Hna Gunderson