Easter was good! Here its an entire week and its a giant party. They have people on wednesday walking around as Judas with weird costumes and giant Judas dolls making noise and asking for money and then on saturday they burn the Judases. everything shuts down after wednesday. There are all these catholic processions throughout the week in the nights. they are these things where the people carry on their shoulders these GIANT statues on giant platforms on a route. Its supposed to clean you from sin. But they do those just about every night starting at like 8 and getting in at like 1 in the morning. I would look those up on the internet. Then on friday everyone leaves for the beach. LITERALLY EVERYONE: The city was so quiet. On sunday in sacrament we recited the living christ as missionaries. It was really powerful and the spirit was so strong. if you guys havent read the Living Christ I would read it. It is a special testimony of Jesus Christ written by the apostles and it is beautiful. READ IT. ALso if you havent seen the new Hallelujah video I would watch that also. Its amazing. So many good ways to strengthen your testimony in Christ and celebrate His resurection.
Eduardo, Janeth´s son got baptized on Saturday. It was so cool. He is really amazing. He came to church yesterday in a white shirt and tie and got the priesthood. In two weeks he´s going to pass the sacrament!!! its so exciting. He is a really cool kid. And im so excited that he got baptized. He is a miracle. In reality his whole family is a miracle. We ate dinner with them on thursday and I just love them so much. They have become like my family here. They are just some of the coolest, most genuine people that I have met and they have taught me so much. And i am so gald for the opportunity to teach them and to help them enter into the waters of baptism. They are on their way to the temple and an eternal family.
I know Jesus Christ lives and that he is our Savior. Through Him, we can start a new live, be free from sin, and have the power to become the people that we need to be.
Fun Things:
OUR SKIRTS AND DRESSES OF CORTE ARE FINISHED!!!!!! The skirts that we wore for the baptism and the dresses in the pictures i sent are made from corte. Corte is the typical fabric here. We bought it a couple weeks ago and then had an hermana in the stake make us skirts and dresses and they turned out so cute!!!
Embarassing Things:
I almost hugged one of my zone leaders. It gets really confusing when you are saying goodbye to all the sisters and you do the hug and kiss thing and its bascially a line and then your zone leader shows up and you almost go for the hug before you realize who it is. Basically im never living that one down.
Hermana Gunderson