This week was really busy and stressful with all of these new goals that the mission is putting. We also went everyday to the soledad to teach the Familia Pelicó (Paula, glendy, Dennis, and Maria). They are siblings that we have been teaching and that went to the conference and that want to get baptized. The soledad is super far away and so there isnt very regular transportation to and from. But we’ve known that we need to go every day with them to prepare them for baptism and there has always been a way to get back from the soledad. Small miracles and manifestations that God lives and protects us. They are doing really well. they really liked General conference and they want to get baptized.
We also have been teaching another Glendy who is pregnant and has another little girl. Glendy is amazing. She loved the Conference and she beleives that there is a living prophet and that the church is true. She reads everything that we leave her in the book of mormon. She wants to get baptized but she needs to ask permission from her husband. but she told us “im just going to convince him and he´ll get baptized with me” shes so cute. Her daughter is adorable too and is the most hyperactive little girl I’ve ever met. She always sees us and goes “mana mana” trying to say hermana. and then she looks through ALL of our stuff and plays with ALL of it.
This month we are focusing on getting better at finding new people to teach. so we have had to do a lot of contacting this week. ALOT. sometimes its was easy but on friday we literally contacted from after lunch until 7. HOURS OF CONTACTING: and we weren’t finding anyone. There was literally no one. We found one or two half postitive people but we were drained from contacting and drained from the unsuccess that we were having. Then at the last minute we go to this house and we find this family of gold. His name is Elder (im not joking thats his name. its really funny) and they were taught by the missionaries before. But he’s great.  He is very bold and brash and we are very bold and brash with him. This really was a testament to me that sometimes the Lord tests our faith before He gives us the big blessings. We were walking around tired and just wanted at least one more positive person. Just one more. We just wanted to see fruits from our hard work. And at the last hour, the Lord led us to this family.
Other fun things…EDUARDO PASSED THE SACRAMENT. I feel like such a proud mom haha. He is such a cool convert. I’m a little more worried about Janeth. Shes having a real big trial of faith right now and hasn’t come to church in two weeks. I dont know how to help her and it makes me so sad. I just want her to go to church and feel the spirit and stay active in the church. We are visiting her and i’m praying a lot for her. I know the Lord will help her and that she will come out of this stronger.
I love the Lord and I love this work!
Hermana Gunderson