This week the rain officially began. I have never seen so much rain in my life. I have never been so wet. And then it gets cold. I now know to ALWAYS carry my rain jacket with me. ALWAYS. We had to walk to this one investigators house in the s and it was pouring and the water was up to my mid shin. It was a little river. the chapines always tell us that we are getting wet like we dont already know. The chapines also dont leave their house when it rains so they dont expect us to come either and are really surprised when we show up at their houses. Its really funny. The great thing is its going to rain until November so i will have a lot of experience with rain. I dont think you guys understand how much it rains here.
D got confirmed this week!!!!! It is a miracle. They werent sure if he was going to have to work and if he was going to work he wasnt going to go to church. But he didnt have to work and we took hime to church and he got confirmed. Thank goodness. God is a God of miracles.
We met this really cool guy  last sunday as a reference from a member that went to general conference. We taught him like a two hour lesson this week. he has a ton of questions and he wants to learn. He is super cool. He went to church and in gospel principles he recounted the story of the first vision perfectly. It was really funny because our ward mission leader challenged him to baptism like twice in the class. We were sitting in the back almost laughing and thinking “wow. alan (our ward mission leader) is super cool. He just challenged him to baptism” Our district leader came to interview him and he accepted to be baptized this saturday. He told us “im ready to take this step in my life” He is really one of those chosen people that Heavenly Father has prepared.
C and G are going to get baptised this weekend as well. We also have a 15-year-old kid named C that wants to get baptized too. We just need to get permission from his mom which may prove to be an adventure/difficult because she works in a bar. The Lord is preparing people for us. And we can see that in the people that we are teaching and that are going to get baptized.
We had interviews with President this week. It was fun to talk to him.
we deep cleaned our apartment this week because we failed to clean it monday and it was a GIANT MESS. We may have also had surprise inspections and it was the WORST possible day to do it. We were all so embarrassed and horrified that we cleaned in the night. ITS SPOTLESS RIGHT NOW so dont worry.
I lost my shoe twice in the rain
a nice investigator gave us blankets because we were soaking wet and cold
I completed 7 months on saturday
I turn 20 TOMORROW. what. Im old.