This week was a good and busy week. The rains have started so about everyday i have come home soaking wet. Its quite fun walking through the streets that are basically rivers. water is super powerful.
we went to the temple on my birthday and it was amazing!!!! I love the temple and it was the best way to spend my birthday. I just felt the spirit and the love of God so strongly. I also realized how much i have missed the temple. It is literally the house of God and you can feel that.
We had a baptism this saturday. His name is Otto and he is 18. He is super amazing. He was really impressed with his teacher Hno Vladimir and how Hno Vladimir has never drank in his life (Hno Vladimir is a member and he was the one to invite Otto to church in the first place) and he said that he wants to be the same. He came to church and liked it and he wanted to get baptized. Otto is really cool. He reads and really understands the things that we teach and he wants to learn more and become a better man. He is someone that is prepared to hear the gospel and accept it.
We are also teaching this guy named Alex. Alex is 19. He is going to get baptized the 21 of May. He loves to learn and whenever we teach him he tells us all the things he learned in church and in the pamphlets and in the Book of Mormon. He told us that he uses the blank pages in the back of the Book of Mormon to write down the important things in the pamphlets that he read and the date that he read them. He is a super cool guy to teach.
Teaching Otto and Alex has made me realize that there really are people that are ready and willing to be baptized. they are the elect, the ones that we just teach and help them take the step of baptism. We dont have to force them or persuade them (not that we do that anyway) but they recognize the truth of the gospel and they accept it. D&C 4 talks about how the field is white and ready to harvest and these are the people that are “white.” they are the ones that listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ and recognize it as truth.
The gospel is true. Jesus Christ lives and is our Savior.
Fun things
ive almost lost my shoes several times in the water while working. thankfully i caught them before they got too far away. we were walking to visit Otto one time when it happened and now he always makes fun of it
we went with the assistants to interview some of our investigators and we stumbled upon a waterfall. the assitants also got lost on a straight road coming to pick us up in the car. But they brought us mcflurries so its okay.
It may have been our fault that we couldnt have a zone activity last pday because of our dirty house. Everyone had to stay home and clean. BUT ITS CLEAN NOW.
Hna Gunderson Soakin