Well, ive had quite a week. it started out all nice and WARM and animated. Then on Tuesday after lunch we were tracting and the phone starts ringing and i look at it and its the assitants. I was like OH NO. The assitants dont just call to chat. I answered and E´Kahl answered and was like “hi Hna Gunderson how are you? well im calling to tell you that you have changes tomorrow!” I was so surprised. I had to get my mind straight and then figure out how to say goodbye to everyone in the afternoon and then pack in the night.
So the next morning i leave and we start on our road to Reu and we cant get to the church because of a manifestation (strike) so we have to get off the bus and walk through the people with all of our bags to get to where a taxi could take us to the church. So we finally get there and i learn I am going to San Marcos or better known as the Mountains or Tierras Frias. Yeah. I am now in the coldest part of the mission and they arent exaggerating. ITS COLD. Im freezing. Because of the manifestations we couldnt leave until thrusday in the morning and after the 4 hour bus ride (i wanted to throw up) we finally arrived in San Marcos. My new comp is my mission Grandma* Hna Chajchalac. She is from Guate and she is great. We have the whole family up here because Hna Acosta is in the other zone as Hna Leader.
The mountains are great. Its freezing and thats hard but its beautiful. The people here and the life here is SO different from the coast. But i really like it. I have to learn how to adjust because i have to teach differently because they are different people. Im also going to get the best looking legs ever from all the hills that im climbing. And that winter that i was missing well yeah ive got it now.
We are teaching some really cool people. Marisol and her daughter Jakelin are amazing. They both read and study the Book of Mormon and have amazing questions. They took a step of faith and went to church when her husband was home (she usually went when he wasnt home because she didnt want to ask permission) and are super cool. Jakelin gave a talk in primary on sunday.
We saw miracles on Saturday contacting when we were let into so many houses and found a lot of new investigators. Im really excited to work here in the mountains and i feel like im going to grow and learn alot.
I live in a house that looks like a tree house
i bought a ton of sweaters in the guatemalan equivalent of Goodwill. Oh yes mom. I have sweaters 🙂
Our bathroom door got locked somehow and we had to call our landlord to come and open it. We were without a bathroom until like 11:30 this morning.
they still eat tortillas here but more its tamalitos
Hna Gunderson
(dont worry about the cold, ill be fine)


*Mission lingo: The missionary that trains you is your “parent”