i know i told the story of Oliver but i dont think i told how much of a miracle it was. we found Karen and Anai last saturday while tracting. We were fasting and we were heading back to lunch to break our fast. we were hungry but we decided to knock one more house and that house was Karen and Anai. then we went to bring them to church the next morning and we brought Oliver too. then we went to visit them this week and we found their sisters who came to church with us this week too.it seemed like everytime we went back to the house we found someone new who had a desire to be baptized. they all want to be baptized and i know they all will in June. they are pure miracles that we found. As we continue to get to know them we realize how prepared they are. They are really cool jovenes. Really cool. When we found the sisters Angela and Jenifer we taught them the restauration. Angela started out differemtly but as we taught i could see the spirit touch her heart and that she was feeling the spirit. I could literally see the gospel changing her. The gospel changes lives. Theres a song that i have that says “they say the gospel supposed to heal you and its done much healing” or something to that effect. And its true. The gospel changes lives and heals us.
I got to do divisions with HnaAcosta my “mom” on friday. it was cool to be with her again. We taught Marisol and resolved all the rest of her doubbts and confusions that she had. And we figured out more of why she wont get baptized yet (she isan eternal investigator. She is basically a member). But after that lesson and talking with her and helping her I really feel like she is the closest to baptism that i have seen her. We keep praying and fasting for her and I think she will do it. we need a miracle and God is a God of miracles.
we went tracting and we knocked this door and it opened and we looked inside and saw the biggest virgin marys made out of cardboard that we have ever seen in ever. the lady wassuper nice and we taught her and then hna Chajchalac asked if all of the family went to the catholic church and she was like oh we stopped going for some reasons. it was a small miracle because they looked like the most faithful catholics but they turned out to be someone new to teach. We never know who is prepared.
FUN THINGS (this week was a good one)
little did i know that there were little assasin chiles in a tamale that a member gave me. I found one when i bit into it and i almost died. but i had to act like i was perfectly fine. My mouth didnt go back to normal until 30 min. DONT MESS WITH CHILES
we went to visit an investigator with a joven named lester. while we were walking he was like “have you guys ever fought anyone?” i was like well ive punched my sister accidentally but thats about it…it wasreally funny
I fell one night off the sidewalk. then some guy in a car was like “cuidado gringita”… great. thanks. ill try.
there was a HUGE soccer game on saturday and we had to wait for it to finish to teach anyone. But it was really funny to see }. we got to the house of Oliver and Co when the game was finishing and they were like are you guys real or athletica (the teams) and Iwas like real because if not you guys are going to kick me out of your house (huge REAL fans). but Real won so its all good.
Hna Gunderson


p.s also for the month of may we have baptized 254 people. we have seen so many miracles as a mission