well as a missionary you always have really good weeks and you have some really not so good weeks. Last week was a really good week. this week was a struggle. It was a test of faith, patience, and hope. But there were some good things that happened too. So im going to tell you all of the silver linings of this week.
-on monday, we went to visit a partial family that we are teaching. (mom is not a member the dad is). We have shown up to their house several times wet and cold in the nights to teach them and they have noticed. So Glenda bought us matching tiffany blue umbrellas. It was the cutest thing ever. And i love the umbrellas. they really help. we are going to take a picture with them we just havent found the time to do it yet, so dont worry you will get to see them.
-on tuesday i swear satan was in the dogs and we had SO MANY dogs come after us. The bright side is that none of them bit us. I am pretty sure we were protected by angels at least one time from this one super scary super mean dog that just stopped barking and coming after us for no reason.
-On wednesday we found a new place in champo that we had not seen before and that had a lot of houses to contact. We want to work in champo but we have contacted in almost every part of it. so it was a tender mercy that we found this callejon and were able to contact a new place.
-On thursday we went to visit someone but they werent there so we were trying to figure out somehting to do. Hna Chajchalac had to go to the bathroom so we went to a members house to use their bathroom. She was in the middle/end of making dinner and we walked in and it felt like we were attacked with love. She put us to work helping her with dinner and made us eat like we had been invited to dinner. Then her sons who are returned missionaries were talking to us and said some things that we really needed to hear in that moment that gave us a lot of hope and faith that we needed. it was a dinner of tender mercies
-we had a zone meeting thursday. i like meetings and they had cancelled our district meeting on tuesday because of changes so it was nice to have a zone meeting
-Friday was a good day. people were in their houses, we found new investigators, taught lessons and it was SIGNIFICANTLY better than the other days
-and as always church is a silver lining. Church is always amazing.
I, Hermana Sarah Ruth Gunderson, am going to the gym. Yes you read that right. We go and do zumba and weights in the morning now. Its really fun.
I love being a missionary!!!
Hna Gunderson H