This week was better. We had a really cool lesson with Marisol. She has a lot of fears about baptism and the commitment of baptism. she brought her neice to church with her two times and we were going to teach the niece but her dad forbid her to go to the church ever again. I think this really had an impact on Marisol. We taught her and tried to resolve some of her doubts and we asked her to pray about baptism. She still hasnt prayed about baptism i think for fear of the answer. She prayed and asked for courage to do the things that she needed to do. She then finished and she gave us this oatmeal drink and we were talking and she told us that it just came to her that sometimes like Jaime her neice, people want to get baptized but there are real thingsstopping them. But then other times the obstacles arent real they are just put there by our own selves. I really think that this was her answer. She is ready to be baptized. The only thing stopping her is herself. Then she asked us when the next baptisms are. I really have faith that she will get baptized this month. I can feel it.
We interviewed the two girls Jenifer and Karen with our ZLs and they both said yes to baptism. We just have to play with the date because Jenifer is going to Guate to study these next weekends. Im starting to realize that we are finding people who are prepared to hear the gospel, they are just different in than in the coast. In the coast, to me, people prepared meant that they would get baptized in 2 weeks. and sometimes yes thats true, but that doesnt happen in the mountains. But that doesnt mean they arent prepared. They are ready to hear the gospel and they reallly become converted. they might take a little more time but they are prepared.
I went on divisiones with Hna Hopper on thursday and friday and shes new to her area and i dont know San Pedro at all and we got lost for a solid hour looking for a house. We didnt make that appointment…
We taught one of her investigators that told us the story of how he ironed his face. He was sweating and he forgot that he had the iron in his hand and he wiped his face. It was freaking hilarious.
We went ziplining today and it was fun. We also rode in the fullest bus ever on the mountain path back to our areas. the elders had to sit on the top.
We made chocolate chip cookies with my grandma in the ward on sunday and they turned out fabulously.
we ate lunch in the sevicheria (think fish stuff) of a member and both Hna Chajchalac and i hate fish. Before we left we prayed and she asked that we wouldnt eat shrimp for lunch and we didnt. Prayers are answered.
Hna Gunderson