It’s really hard to be in the mountains because its a part of the mission thats like the states. We baptize but not like the coast. The people are colder and the work is very different. Baptisms take longer. And then i feel underqulified or like im not doing my job right because we havent baptized yet and the mission is all about 300 plus baptisms. But its something that im working on. Im trying to see miracles in the small things and be the best missionary i can be so that the Lord will help us and we can have baptisms. Ive never prayed so hard. Ive also learned that faith is easy to have when you can see the fruits of your labors. its harder to have faith and patience to wait. But faith is needed to see miracles and I know that we can see them. The success of a missionary isnt the number of baptisms or what title he held but in the ways that he became a better person, in the lives that he touched, and in the way that he became closer to God.
This week our district leader interviewed Elena for baptism and she is praying for a date to get baptised. I know she will do it. She is a person so prepared. She is a miracle that we have. She gives me a lot of hope.
I am really excited about the future. We are figuring out ways to work with members and to get more references and find more new people to teach. We are thinking about ways to help our eternal investigators get baptised. I have faith that we will see baptisms in July. WE CAN DO IT. This area has been the hardest part of my mission. It is challenging me as a missionary and a person so much. But i know that im here for a reason to become the person and the missionary that God needs me to be. And im really grateful to be here. I love these people. And to be honest i would die in the heat of the coast right now.
The second counselor of our bishopric did zumba with us on friday
we played tag with the kids of a recent convert
it rained like noahs ark. with hail. there were literal rivers in the streets
We said goodbye to Presidente and Hna Ruiz on friday. This week Presidente Goodman arrives this week
I am going to make cookies for basically the entire ward today
Hna GUnderson