HAAPPPPYYY FOURTH!!!!!! ugh i love the fourth and here its just a regular day. its okay though. I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT YOU PAINTED THE DECK. how many times did i say we should do that last year???? wow. I definitely want to see pictures.
This week was so much better. I learned the importance and the power of members this week. We passed around a calendar for the hermanas to visit with us and we had a lot of people sign up. And it was awesome. The members bring viewpoints and help that as 20 year old missionaries that have been raised in the church cant give. WE brought D a recent convert with us to visit J one of the jovencitas. J wants to get baptized but wants to be sure in her decision and get to know the church more. then d shared her conversion story and how she hadnt recieved an answer even the day of her baptism but that getting baptized was the best decision that she made and in that day she felt something that is indescribable. It was exactly what j needed to hear and i think that it really helped her. She came to church on sunday (the only one that came from her family) and i really thinhg that she will get baptised. We also visited hna P with Hna S (hna s’s son just left on a mission and i just see mom in her) and we learned alot of stuff and hna susan could relate more with her because shes married and has kids and has lived some of the same experiences as p.

But big miracle and test of faith also is that Hna M signed her baptism registro and was making plans to get baptised this saturday with her daughter J. FINALLY. after like a year talking to the missionaries. That was a huge miracle and step that she signed it and moved forward like she had a fecha (baptism date). She only wanted her husband to sign the registro of J and then they would be good to go. Unfortunately her husband said no and for no good reason. shes super sad. She was totally going to do it this saturday. But i still feel and hope that she will get baptised. She talked with the bishop and we are basically as a ward trying to get her baptised. We have done and are doing all that we can. we just need a miracle.
we made cookies for the ward and they were fabluous
i was offered in marriage twice this week (OH BOY)
we made the christmas french toast for breakfast as a district before our meeting tuesday and i learned that you should clearly tell the elders what they are making before you set them loose. We ended up with strawberry juice instead of a sauce. But you know it still works.
We planted stuff with our investigator elena. we also helped them make tamalitos but i was fired from that. they were making them in milpa leaves (corn leaves) and its super hard. I can totally make them in thicker leaves but not when its so thin.
I completed 9 months this week.
in 9 months
ive eaten more tortillas than i have in my lifetime
ive washed more clothes by hand than i ever want to
riden in more buses chalk full of people
ive been asked to give people my eyes
ive learned how to be a chapina
ive made friends from around the world, people that i will never forget
ive come to love this country and these people
I have seen that miracles still exist big and small
i have seen the power of the gospel change peoples lives
i have seen the gospel and the mission change my life
Hna Gunderson

This week has been SO much better.