“And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerning these things; I would show unto the world that faith isthings which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore,dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.”

-Ether 12:6
This week started out normal with trials like normal. We found this really amazing girl named maria. She is 13 and really needs the gospel in her life. We teach her and she understands. I can just feel that she is someone that is prepared to accept the gospel.
We had a lot of people that said they would come to church but unfortunately every single one of them cancelled. And that was really hard. It was the last sunday to bring new people to the church to baptize them and we had no one and that really discouraged me. A lot. I was praying for strength and then i remembered Eduardo. Eduardo is my convert in mazate with Hna Kelli Canty. He got baptized at the end of march and after a sunday like this one where no one came to church. I felt peace with this and felt like it wasnt the end. Like we were going to se miracles and baptisms. And we did.
We went and visited Hania this little girl that we have been teaching. She has wanted to get baptized for at least 6 months but her mom would never give us permission to baptize her. then last week she gave permission and said that we only needed to talk to the dad and that the baptism wouldnt be until the end of August. But we went and visited them with the bishop and we talked with the dad. And Heavenly Father worked a miracle in the parents of Hania. they changed their thinking and gave her permission and accepted a date of July 31. Hania is finally going to get baptized July 31!!!!!! I am so excited and grateful for this miracle. It came at the precise moment that i needed it. Where my patience and hope were very thin. But like Ether says, after the trial of faith the miracle always comes. and in the exact moment that it needs to. God is amazing.

yesterday was like the day of drunk people. we met three different drunks. one wanted to know how to gain salvation (stop drinking and go to church), one spoke a language of drunkness that i do not understand and the other was not as drunk and just plain funny
Our leader misional is just plain funny. He makes the greatest comments in ward council. He also got confused between indexing (the stake has super big goals for this and time limits) and the activity that we planned and the dates for both. His wife, Hna Chajchalac and i were dying.



Birthday party fun!