This week has probably the craziest, most tiring week i have ever had. I have also see a ton of miracles this week. So the zombie like state weve been in has been worthit. So that all of you can know hna jessop a little better she graduated from the U with a degree in psychology. She is passionate about stress management so that we can be our best selves. So with this passion that so many missionaries have heard about it got to President and he asked her to give a workshop on stress management in the mulitzonas. And for the companionship she means we. So we went down to Reu Tuesday at 5 in the morning and gave the workshop and then went to Malacatan the next day and gave the workshop. it was super fun but super exhausting. We got to see the entire mission and teach them about stress. Its actually really funny. And then we realized we werent taking our own advice because saturday we looked liked zombies and we literally at our breaking points. But it was a really fun experience.
And to get to Malacatan we drove with President and Hermana Goodman for 2 hours in their car and it was an amazing experience. We got to know them more and just by talking to President he taught us so much. Im so grateful for that experience because not many missionaries get to know their presidents like that in their missions. President Goodman really is a man inspired of God.
and really we only had like one full day and like 3 partial days to work in our area this week but the Lord carried us in so many different ways. Not just with the strength to work but also with miracles in the people we are working with. Our investigator Ami told us that she wanted us to come and meet with her at first because she wanted to practice her english. She is applying for a job and she needed to work on her english. But we didnt know thet. We just taught her like a normal investigator and she was captivated by what we taught. She started to see that the church has the things that she has been looking for in her life. She had a real desire to learn and change know. The gospel changes peoples hearts. It really does.
We did divisions on Friday and i went with Hermana Mcguire. She was in the CCM with hna jessop and i. She started the mission in my area and really this was a huge miracle to fdo divisiones with her. This guy was walking in the street and i sadi hi but then kept walking. She stopped because she knew him and it turns out he was one of hewr old invetigators and he is really cool. And without Hna Mcguire we wouldnt have found him.
I learned the importance of following spiritual impressions and how real they are. Several times this week i had the thought to visit someone and we went and it was in the exact moment that we needed to. It was a real testimony of the spirit to me.
a lot of the mission got foodpoisoning from the food at the multizona. I dont know what happened but it didnt sit well with half the mission.
hna jessop does a hilarious impression of Cher
Our life
Elder Johnson accidentally sat on my arm at the multizona. How embarrassing
my zone leader Elder Salazar loves my cookies (ive made them for the zone) and now he wants me to make them like every Pday. He doesnt quite understand how long it takes to make cookies. Its really funny
Hna Gunderson