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Retalhuleu, Guatemala Mission, September 2015-March 2017


September 2016

You wouldn’t believe how many pictures

Hauling water


Coke selfie
A coke a day keeps the parasites away


Pillow fort to celebrate 11 months


With Presidente y Hermana Goodman



“Be exactly obedient”

This week we had miracles. We went to visit HAnia and we taught her about the baptismal convenants and asked her mom when the baptism was going to be. SHe told us maybe next week if we dont travel and if we travel in two weeks. We asked her “and this weekend??” and she told us she needed to talk to her husband about it. and then he came home and we talked to him and he was like SURE why not. So on Sunday we had a baptism. And it was amazing. She is an amazing little girl. She loves the church and has a true testimony. She comes to church every week by herself. She is amazing and im so glad i get to be part of her baptism and her life. The other amazing thing is that Presidente y Hermana Goodman were going to be up in the mountains so we invited them to the baptism. AND THEY CAME!!!! it was so nice of them. They are so loving, just like our parents. They told us that the baptism was the way a kid baptism should be. And that made us feel super good! THE GOODMANS ARE AMAZING
In the multizona a couple weeks ago president told us that if we strive to be EXACTLY obedient to ALL the rules we will have people come to us and say BAPTIZE ME. And I am here to tell you guys that that is completely true. On sunday, our convert Marisol came up to us and said “Jacky wants to get baptized on Tuesday even though her dad doesnt want it. Lets arrange the baptism” so we basically planned a baptism for tomorrow in two hours. We didnt hope that she would get baptized this soon. WE knew she would eventually do it but that her dad didnt want to give permission. But God truly worked a miracle in the heart of Marisol and Jackelin to have the courage to follow the Lord. The are truly converted. Jacky is also a super cool little girl who knows so much about the gospel and reads the book of mormon.
we made a fort in our room to celebrate 11 months
Ami bought me a cute skirt
We did exchanges with Hna Hill and Hna Hopper, two of my best friends in the mission which was so much fun!!!
#frillando #bauticenlesyCARRYON
Hna Gunderson

11 months!

This week we had a multizona with Elder Alonso from the seventy. we learned alot. The mission is changing and we are seeing miracles and i can feel our mission becoming really powerful. Presidente Goodman taught us about the importance of teaching the doctrine that comes with the commitments that we extend to our investigators. Now when they arent doing the things we ask them (reading, praying, going to church, getting baptized) i have to ask myself “what doctrine dont they undderstand?” this way they can understand the reason for the commitments and they can see how the gospel can bless them in their lives.
we recieved a challenge to give out a box of copies of the Book of Mormon in September. The Book of Mormon is really powerful and the key to conversion. im really excited for this challenge.
We have a few miracles that could get baptized in these next few weeks. One is Max, the husband of Anita a recent convert. He is super funny and super stubborn and has told us before that he likes his church and he is going to stay there. but then on his own he started going to church. he listens to us and likes going to church. He is reading the manual to gospel principles. We challenged him to pray about the 3 or 10 of september as a baptism date and he accepted. I have faith in him. I have seen the change in him in my months here in San Marcos. He is a really good father and man and the gospel will make him better. He will be able to have an eternal family.
on tuesday i complete 11 months!!! where has the time gone?
we got called “canchotas” in the streets. translated thats big white girls …
I love being a missionary and i have so much love for the Lord, the chapines and missionary work.
Brillando aun mas
Hna Gunderson

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