So this week we worked really hard, contacting and trying to commit all of our invesstigators to baptism. we decided that we needed to do that this week. We have seen the importance of keeping commitements in their progression. if they arent doing what we ask them to do we can see by their actions that they dont want it right now and that its not their time. we aare focusing on the chosen, the ones who hear the gospel and choose to accept it and to live it.
In the mission you meet and talk to a lot of people. There are some people that make an impression on you and you just know that they are prepared and searching for the gospel. We met a woman like that yesterday. Her name is Brenda. We contacted her and started talking to her and teaching her truths of the gospel. She just started telling us things that were happening in her life and i could tell that her soul is searching for something. And that something is the restored gospel. I dont know much about her, but i know that she is someone special. Someone ready to accept the gospel.
Our pila (guatemalan sink) has a crack so we cant use it so weve been making a pila out of a giant bucket in our apartment. And this morning while cleaning i broke it. So now we are left basically without a sink…
The light went out on thursday so we had to go home and we had a candlenight dinner.
We had another encounter with a drunk man (very common) and the zone leaders were with us. (which is nice because then they deal with him and we watch) so basically Elder Zarate started telling the man that he needed to change and while literally hitting the mans’s chest with the book of mormon. Takes bible bashing to a whole new level haha
Hermana Gunderson