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Retalhuleu, Guatemala Mission, September 2015-March 2017


November 2016

Thanksgiving Week

This week was full of little miracles after some sad disappointments. We ended up dropping A and B. They just arent ready yet. We dont know when we will go back but we felt like they needed tiime without feeling the spirit so that they could feel a difference. But all week we found people that are prepared to accept the gospel. One of them is this cute little grandma D. She is sick and cant see very well but she is so ready to accept the gospel. She wants to go to church and is praying about baptism. She listens so intently to us and understands the gospel. I love her she is adorable.
B the sister in law of A came to church on sunday. She has completely changed from when we first met her. She likes us and is more humble. She came to church by herself on sunday. It was a miracle.
but the biggest miracle is that this member brought two neighbor girls to church yesterday and they want to be baptized. We are working with them to be baptized next sunday after church. They are a miracle.
vanessa went to girls camp and loved it!!!
we went visiting with the Bishops wife, Hna A. she is this amazing older lady. We took a tuktuk to drop someone off and there were four of us so i sat on Hna A lap.. I was laughing about it so much.
Im gonnaa be in a trio this week, A sister in the zone needs to go home to recuperate (she broke her tailbone) so her comp will become our comp for a week
quotes from kids
“are you guys from the bible?”
CON MUCHO AMOR #iluminaelmundo
Hermana Gunderson



November 14, 2016

This week was the baptism of V!!! it was so amazing. Everything turned out really well. And her older brothers came which made the day for her. She is so happy and im so excited that she was baptized. And her baptism brought a couple more miracles of the week. I dont know if ive talked about A but A is a 12 year old girl who comes to church every week. Her older sister is baptized but a never got baptized. She has always told us “hermanas i dont want to get baptized yet. Someday but not now.” On saturday after the baptism ended and we were passing out cookies she came to me and said “Hermana ya me quiero bautizar” or “Hermana I want to get baptized”. I looked at her and said “really? how about saturday?” “sounds good. Ill ask my mom” it was a miracle. the baptism and the spirit changed her. We did nothing. We still have to talk to the mom and ask for permission but just the fact that she wants to get baptised now is a miracle.
And the other miracle is with A and B. We have gone through SO MUCH with this family. We had given up on them. They had changed back to the people they were when i met them and not the people that they had become. With one last thing of hope we invited them to the baptism. AND B CAME. It was amazing. They are back. They had told us they were going to come to church but they didnt come because they had woken up late. We went to visit them sunday afternoon and A came in and said to us “Hermana Taylor changed her clothes. She wasnt wearing that in church today.” Which was true. she had changed. We were both surprised as he described perfectly the outfit she wore to church. And what do you know A JUST SHOWED UP TO PRIESTHOOD WITHOUT TELLING US. A literal miracle. We had no idea so we just left after relief society. They are also thinking about baptism. I have seen so many miracles with this family. God lives. He directs this work. I am a witness of this.
I forgot the keys so we literally had to break into the house one day. It was really funny
We played dress up with V while picking out her baptism dress. The elders brought the clothes and she tried them on. There was a legit wedding dress that they had brought and V made us put it on. haha
We didnt have water for 3 days. It was terrible. Im thankful for water and showers
while cleaning this morning we may have failed miserably at mopping and we made a lake in our house. the good thing is that its dry now..
Hermana Gunderson

Pictures from Nov 7th

November 7, 2016

This week we have continued to search for the prepared in our area and to help the people that are progressing get baptized. We had a really sad thing happen with A and B. They have stopped having a desire to come to church and be baptized all because of an activity that we had where there was dancing. They believe dancing is a sin and they just cant look past it even though they know that the church is true. It was a really sad night after a terrible, and heartwrenching lesson with them where i watched all the progress that we had made with them over the past 6 weeks go down the drain. It was so hard because i love them so much and they are choosing to walk away from something that will bless their lives so much. I then thought about the three nephites and how they were told that they wouldnt feel pain except for the sins of the world. And thats kind of like the mission. We experience problems and hardships but they are all to help other people solve their problems. Our problems are their problems and our sadness comes when they dont choose the gospel.
We saw miracles contacting and challenging everyone to baptism. Hermana Taylor is helping me see that they way that i conact sometimes does not really invite them to listen to the gospel. So she lead the contacts and taught all of lesson 3 about baptism and then we challenged them to baptism and a lot of people said yes. She is right. they have to feel the spirit first and then choose to reject it or accept it.
We are preparing V for her baptism saturday and we are so excited. She is an amazing young women. She loves the church and really has a testimony. We watched a video about tithing in church and she told me “i likved the video because it said that God provided for that family who didnt have food. it reminded me about my family. I know God blesses us” I love being a missionary and seeing the testimonies of the people grow and how the gospel blesses their families. Even in their family, her dad found work two days after they first went to church. God blesses us for obeying His commandments.
Hna Gunderson

Rain…October 24, 2016

This week was crazy. If you guys liked that rain video thats basically what happened EVERY SINGLE DAY: I have been soaking wet ALL WEEK. One day i wore rain boots and the water was so high that water got in my boots and my feet got wet! it was ridiculous. It was also a test of faith because with the rain literally no one wanted to talk to us or let us in their house. It was very mentally and physically hard. But we kept going in good spirits.
We had an amazing lesson with A and B challenging them to be baptized. I have never felt the spirit guide me and put thoughts in my head so strongly as this lesson. The thoughts just came to my mind and i said them and they were the right things to say. Hna Normand had the same thing happen to her. It was a powerful lesson. They unfortunately are not ready to be baptized yet. But i know they will in the near future. The saddest part of them is that they came to church with us one week and to a different ward this week. They told us that they didnt feel love in our ward. So if they liked the other ward better we might have to let them go and tell the elders to visit them. It makes me really sad, but id rather them be comfortable and active.
M and the kids came to church this week as well and they are an amazing family. They are so prepared. They are reading the Book of Mormon as a family and when they finished their assignment they started from the beginning and are in 1 Nephi 9. Its amazing. Their 12 year old daughter Vanessa loves the church and the young women.
On saturday we received big news. Hermana Normand is leaving and Im training again. Tomorrow i go to the office to pick up my new comp fresh from the CCM. Im sad to lose Hna Normand, but excited to help another new missionary



October 31, 2016

This week was good!!! My new comp (trainee/daughter) is Hermana Taylor, She is from spanish fork utah! Its been a fun week with her. She is so much fun! Its different to start training because i am literally making the base. With Hna Normand she already had a base and i just built but with Hna Taylor im the first so i build the base! But she is an amazing missionary!! She is a lot of fun and she has a lot of energy and desire to share the gospel.
We challenged V for baptism this week and she accepted!!! She is going to get baptized the 12 of November! we are so excited for her. She is going to go to Girls Camp as well! She is amazing and so adorable! We just wish that her parents could get baptized with her. We are still working with A and B and they are still amazing! They came to a ward activity and had a lot of fun. And i know and can see that they are becoming converted because they are starting to share the gospel with their friends. In our last visit we were talking and A interrupts us and says Hnas I have some people that want to talk to you guys about the church! Its amazing. Its a miracle to just watch their progression. I love them so much!
Also biggest miracle of the week. Do you guys remember A from San Marcos?? SHE GOT BAPTIZED!!!! But not only her, her two sons that were not baptized got baptized with her. Her oldest son who is a member baptized her. They sent me a picture and when the hermanas gave me the picture and told me I started crying i was so happy. Its such a miracle that she got baptized and even more that A and H got baptized as well. This is why i am a missionary.
This week we tried something different. We decided to buy a big thing of coke and contact with the coke. We told people, “we are here to share a message with you about Jesus Christ and share a glass of coke!!” it was super fun! Unfortunately we only found inactive members but there is always a next time!
We made tortas for a ward activity and basically if school doesnt work out ill just open up a torta stand
Our first day together we were walking with Hna Taylors bags to find a tuk tuk and its starts torrential raining and we got soaked. It was like we had jumped in the pool!!

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