This week was good!!! My new comp (trainee/daughter) is Hermana Taylor, She is from spanish fork utah! Its been a fun week with her. She is so much fun! Its different to start training because i am literally making the base. With Hna Normand she already had a base and i just built but with Hna Taylor im the first so i build the base! But she is an amazing missionary!! She is a lot of fun and she has a lot of energy and desire to share the gospel.
We challenged V for baptism this week and she accepted!!! She is going to get baptized the 12 of November! we are so excited for her. She is going to go to Girls Camp as well! She is amazing and so adorable! We just wish that her parents could get baptized with her. We are still working with A and B and they are still amazing! They came to a ward activity and had a lot of fun. And i know and can see that they are becoming converted because they are starting to share the gospel with their friends. In our last visit we were talking and A interrupts us and says Hnas I have some people that want to talk to you guys about the church! Its amazing. Its a miracle to just watch their progression. I love them so much!
Also biggest miracle of the week. Do you guys remember A from San Marcos?? SHE GOT BAPTIZED!!!! But not only her, her two sons that were not baptized got baptized with her. Her oldest son who is a member baptized her. They sent me a picture and when the hermanas gave me the picture and told me I started crying i was so happy. Its such a miracle that she got baptized and even more that A and H got baptized as well. This is why i am a missionary.
This week we tried something different. We decided to buy a big thing of coke and contact with the coke. We told people, “we are here to share a message with you about Jesus Christ and share a glass of coke!!” it was super fun! Unfortunately we only found inactive members but there is always a next time!
We made tortas for a ward activity and basically if school doesnt work out ill just open up a torta stand
Our first day together we were walking with Hna Taylors bags to find a tuk tuk and its starts torrential raining and we got soaked. It was like we had jumped in the pool!!