This week was crazy. If you guys liked that rain video thats basically what happened EVERY SINGLE DAY: I have been soaking wet ALL WEEK. One day i wore rain boots and the water was so high that water got in my boots and my feet got wet! it was ridiculous. It was also a test of faith because with the rain literally no one wanted to talk to us or let us in their house. It was very mentally and physically hard. But we kept going in good spirits.
We had an amazing lesson with A and B challenging them to be baptized. I have never felt the spirit guide me and put thoughts in my head so strongly as this lesson. The thoughts just came to my mind and i said them and they were the right things to say. Hna Normand had the same thing happen to her. It was a powerful lesson. They unfortunately are not ready to be baptized yet. But i know they will in the near future. The saddest part of them is that they came to church with us one week and to a different ward this week. They told us that they didnt feel love in our ward. So if they liked the other ward better we might have to let them go and tell the elders to visit them. It makes me really sad, but id rather them be comfortable and active.
M and the kids came to church this week as well and they are an amazing family. They are so prepared. They are reading the Book of Mormon as a family and when they finished their assignment they started from the beginning and are in 1 Nephi 9. Its amazing. Their 12 year old daughter Vanessa loves the church and the young women.
On saturday we received big news. Hermana Normand is leaving and Im training again. Tomorrow i go to the office to pick up my new comp fresh from the CCM. Im sad to lose Hna Normand, but excited to help another new missionary