This week we have continued to search for the prepared in our area and to help the people that are progressing get baptized. We had a really sad thing happen with A and B. They have stopped having a desire to come to church and be baptized all because of an activity that we had where there was dancing. They believe dancing is a sin and they just cant look past it even though they know that the church is true. It was a really sad night after a terrible, and heartwrenching lesson with them where i watched all the progress that we had made with them over the past 6 weeks go down the drain. It was so hard because i love them so much and they are choosing to walk away from something that will bless their lives so much. I then thought about the three nephites and how they were told that they wouldnt feel pain except for the sins of the world. And thats kind of like the mission. We experience problems and hardships but they are all to help other people solve their problems. Our problems are their problems and our sadness comes when they dont choose the gospel.
We saw miracles contacting and challenging everyone to baptism. Hermana Taylor is helping me see that they way that i conact sometimes does not really invite them to listen to the gospel. So she lead the contacts and taught all of lesson 3 about baptism and then we challenged them to baptism and a lot of people said yes. She is right. they have to feel the spirit first and then choose to reject it or accept it.
We are preparing V for her baptism saturday and we are so excited. She is an amazing young women. She loves the church and really has a testimony. We watched a video about tithing in church and she told me “i likved the video because it said that God provided for that family who didnt have food. it reminded me about my family. I know God blesses us” I love being a missionary and seeing the testimonies of the people grow and how the gospel blesses their families. Even in their family, her dad found work two days after they first went to church. God blesses us for obeying His commandments.
Hna Gunderson