This week was the baptism of V!!! it was so amazing. Everything turned out really well. And her older brothers came which made the day for her. She is so happy and im so excited that she was baptized. And her baptism brought a couple more miracles of the week. I dont know if ive talked about A but A is a 12 year old girl who comes to church every week. Her older sister is baptized but a never got baptized. She has always told us “hermanas i dont want to get baptized yet. Someday but not now.” On saturday after the baptism ended and we were passing out cookies she came to me and said “Hermana ya me quiero bautizar” or “Hermana I want to get baptized”. I looked at her and said “really? how about saturday?” “sounds good. Ill ask my mom” it was a miracle. the baptism and the spirit changed her. We did nothing. We still have to talk to the mom and ask for permission but just the fact that she wants to get baptised now is a miracle.
And the other miracle is with A and B. We have gone through SO MUCH with this family. We had given up on them. They had changed back to the people they were when i met them and not the people that they had become. With one last thing of hope we invited them to the baptism. AND B CAME. It was amazing. They are back. They had told us they were going to come to church but they didnt come because they had woken up late. We went to visit them sunday afternoon and A came in and said to us “Hermana Taylor changed her clothes. She wasnt wearing that in church today.” Which was true. she had changed. We were both surprised as he described perfectly the outfit she wore to church. And what do you know A JUST SHOWED UP TO PRIESTHOOD WITHOUT TELLING US. A literal miracle. We had no idea so we just left after relief society. They are also thinking about baptism. I have seen so many miracles with this family. God lives. He directs this work. I am a witness of this.
I forgot the keys so we literally had to break into the house one day. It was really funny
We played dress up with V while picking out her baptism dress. The elders brought the clothes and she tried them on. There was a legit wedding dress that they had brought and V made us put it on. haha
We didnt have water for 3 days. It was terrible. Im thankful for water and showers
while cleaning this morning we may have failed miserably at mopping and we made a lake in our house. the good thing is that its dry now..
Hermana Gunderson