This week was full of little miracles after some sad disappointments. We ended up dropping A and B. They just arent ready yet. We dont know when we will go back but we felt like they needed tiime without feeling the spirit so that they could feel a difference. But all week we found people that are prepared to accept the gospel. One of them is this cute little grandma D. She is sick and cant see very well but she is so ready to accept the gospel. She wants to go to church and is praying about baptism. She listens so intently to us and understands the gospel. I love her she is adorable.
B the sister in law of A came to church on sunday. She has completely changed from when we first met her. She likes us and is more humble. She came to church by herself on sunday. It was a miracle.
but the biggest miracle is that this member brought two neighbor girls to church yesterday and they want to be baptized. We are working with them to be baptized next sunday after church. They are a miracle.
vanessa went to girls camp and loved it!!!
we went visiting with the Bishops wife, Hna A. she is this amazing older lady. We took a tuktuk to drop someone off and there were four of us so i sat on Hna A lap.. I was laughing about it so much.
Im gonnaa be in a trio this week, A sister in the zone needs to go home to recuperate (she broke her tailbone) so her comp will become our comp for a week
quotes from kids
“are you guys from the bible?”
CON MUCHO AMOR #iluminaelmundo
Hermana Gunderson