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Retalhuleu, Guatemala Mission, September 2015-March 2017


December 2016



December 19, 2016

This week was a crazy week. We did exchanges with two sets of hnas two days in a row and i was lucky and did the traveling. I went to Malacatan with Hna Zamudio from mexico on Tuesday and then on Wednesday i went to Tecun with Hna Rementeria from peru. I love being able to learn from different hermanas and get to know them. This investigator A that lives in malacatan is getting baptized in January. Im so excited for him and the sisters of Malacatan.
We had a talent night on thursday and it was amazing. Four of our investigators came and absolutely loved it. I also dont think ive ever seen a better talent show. It had a magic show, skits, a two man dancing horse, a ms Navidad competition, Brittney spears, old people dancing and other funny things. The four investigators that came that night also came to church on sunday and have accepted to get baptized. B and B are a cute couple and they are getting baptised the 21 of January. They also have to get married so I’m really excited to throw a wedding!! They are amazing. They love the church. It was B first time in church on sunday so that was a miracle. They told us their goal is to go to church, get married and get baptized. They are prepared people.
The twins, S and Y are the other two investigators that came to the talent show and to church. They like the church alot and want to get baptized. They are 13 years old. They wanted to learn more and get to know the church more but they are becoming more sure that the church and getting baptised is something that they want.
This time of year is amazing. I love Christmas and I love being a missionary. I am bringing the greatest gift in the world to the Guatemalans. I love Christ and i know that He lives and that He is my Savior.
Amo la navidad y amo ser misionera. Yo estoy llevando el regalo mas grande del mundo a los guatemaltecos. Amo a jesucristo y se que él vive y que él es mi salvador.
Les Amo mucho!!! FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!
I ate cow foot soup.
in exchanges with hna zamudio we got locked out of the house and we had to call help so that we could get in…
Hermana Gunderson

December 12, 2016

Well this week has been crazy. I’m in Catarina. Catarina is in between Tecun Uman and Malacatan. It’s also in the municipio of San Marcos but it’s the hot part of San Marcos. It’s absolutely amazing!!! And my comp is….HNA MOORE!!!!!!!! Yeah we are comps again. It’s fabulous. We are having so much fun. We are over 3 pairs of hermanas. We go on exchanges with them and make sure they are okay and all and try to help them in anyway that we can. It’s really fun. And there are trainings with the zone leaders that we have to go to as well. It’s busy but what’s the mission if it’s not busy.
The ward here in Catarina is super amazing, On Thursday

we had a noche de Hermanamiento in a part of our area thats super far and like half the ward came. Its amazing. We are teaching some really cool investigators as well. All of them have the potencial to get baptized and there are a lot of them. N is a single mom with five kids. She is evangelical but has come to church and several activities and is willing to switch religions and get baptized if she receives an answer. B and B are a young couple that are really interested in the church. He has come to church twice and they came to the noche de hermanamiento on Thursday. They know they need to get baptized they just need to get married and come to church more, especially B. A is the boyfriend of a member and he is positive that the church is true and that the Book of Mormon is true. He almost got baptized in November but his grandma told him to forget about her if she gets baptized. We found A again Sunday and we are working on helping him have the courage to get baptized even if his grandma doesn’t help him. We are teaching these twins who are the nieghbors of a member and have come to the church a couple times and like it.
I feel so good about my new area and the people here. i love it and i love them. I can feel that we are going to be able to help a lot of people find the truth and get baptized. This gospel is true.
MVPs of the week
1st counselor in the stake presidency
Hna Yessica
Hna Daria
Elder Cruz
we learned how to call a turkey. I also know how to call chickens
Hermana Gunderson

December 5, 2016

This week we worked a lot with A. A is one of the girls that came to church last sunday. She is amazing. She is 10 and reminds me of amy. She is adorable. She remembers everything that we teach her and she loves church so much. She is such a special spirit. She even bore her testimony in church yesterday!!! We were so proud we almost started crying. Well i almost did, Hna taylor did start crying. She is amazing.
And that brings me to the list of miracles that happened, mostly yesterday. We had 11 converts come to church.
-Familia M came to church. They havent come in a while. They have been working because they are in a rough spot financially and i think a little mad at some of the members BUT THEY CAME.
-M  A came to church. This is the convert that for a while told us that he wasnt coming back.
-K, M and A came to church and the christmas devotional. They are twins of 8 years old and their 15 year old brother. They havent been very consisitent in coming. But they came by themselves
-This abuelo named F came. We contacted him like 2 months ago. hes been very inactive but he came by himself this sunday in a white shirt and tie
-S gave the most amazing testimony ever. She is an amazing convert. She is so strong and has such a desire to do good!!
-O came to church. Oimg_0827img_0828img_0829img_0830img_0831img_0832img_0527img_0531img_0518img_0519 is the son of a member (hes also a member) that got in a moto accident at the beginning of the transfer and lost his leg. he came home from the hospital this week and was in church with a huge smile.
God is amazing. These might not sound like big things but they are things that made this Sunday the best sunday ever.
On a side note I have transfers. Someone else is going to finish training of Hna Taylor and im going to be an Hermana Leader. I dont know where im going yet but i will find out on Wednesday!
Being in a trio is super fun. Hna Castillo always scared hna taylor.
im getting better at soccer but i still fail at coordination
we say buenas to everyone which is like short for buenas dias or tardes and one day we were walking and there was no one by us and i said buenas!! and kept walking. Then hna taylor was like hna did you just say buenas to a dog? i looked and yep i did say buenas to a dog. it was so funny
Hermana Gunderson

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