This week was a crazy week. We did exchanges with two sets of hnas two days in a row and i was lucky and did the traveling. I went to Malacatan with Hna Zamudio from mexico on Tuesday and then on Wednesday i went to Tecun with Hna Rementeria from peru. I love being able to learn from different hermanas and get to know them. This investigator A that lives in malacatan is getting baptized in January. Im so excited for him and the sisters of Malacatan.
We had a talent night on thursday and it was amazing. Four of our investigators came and absolutely loved it. I also dont think ive ever seen a better talent show. It had a magic show, skits, a two man dancing horse, a ms Navidad competition, Brittney spears, old people dancing and other funny things. The four investigators that came that night also came to church on sunday and have accepted to get baptized. B and B are a cute couple and they are getting baptised the 21 of January. They also have to get married so I’m really excited to throw a wedding!! They are amazing. They love the church. It was B first time in church on sunday so that was a miracle. They told us their goal is to go to church, get married and get baptized. They are prepared people.
The twins, S and Y are the other two investigators that came to the talent show and to church. They like the church alot and want to get baptized. They are 13 years old. They wanted to learn more and get to know the church more but they are becoming more sure that the church and getting baptised is something that they want.
This time of year is amazing. I love Christmas and I love being a missionary. I am bringing the greatest gift in the world to the Guatemalans. I love Christ and i know that He lives and that He is my Savior.
Amo la navidad y amo ser misionera. Yo estoy llevando el regalo mas grande del mundo a los guatemaltecos. Amo a jesucristo y se que él vive y que él es mi salvador.
Les Amo mucho!!! FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!
I ate cow foot soup.
in exchanges with hna zamudio we got locked out of the house and we had to call help so that we could get in…
Hermana Gunderson