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January 2017

Pictures from January 30, 2017



January 30, 2017

So this week was amazing. The biggest news is that i ALMOST got to wake up at 730 and still be obedient…ALMOST is the key word. They made some schedule changes and its up to the President to decide when we wake up. They suggested 730 for Latin America but Pres Goodman kept it at 630. Now the schedule is really flexible and its up to us to make a lot of our own decisions. Its to give us more agency and to help us adapt more when we get home. we also only have four key indicators instead of 9. These changes have been really cool but a little different to get used to.
We have seen miracles with the power of the spirit this week. One of them was in an amazing lesson with D. We werent sure how to help D and what she needed. But in this lesson we were guided by the spirit and she opened up about her fears and doubts and feelings about her past. And we were able to testify to her about the power of the atonement and I could see her face change. She felt peace and she recognized that she has found the thing that she has been looking for this entire time. It was amazing. The gospel heals people. It wipes away our past and makes us whole.
We had miracles in the church. Two amazing investigators showed up with a real desire to learn. One of them is E and she has 11 years in an evangelical church but she decided to give the gospel a chance. Its amazing. The other is a young guy named K who came with his friend. He learned things about the Plan of salvation for the first time in church and it really changed him.
I can feel with all of these changes in the mission that i really am becoming a better missionary and tool of the spirit. The work is hastening and Christ’s coming is getting closer. Miracles are happening!!
Fun things
We went to visit Hna Flori in the hospital (faced our fears) and it turns out that she was already released. It was hilarious
We had a meeting in Reu on Thursday and had travel obstacles because of manifestations…
We are going to start counting the amount of times that people ask me about Trump in a day. The elders joke and say that he’s my uncle
Hermana Gunderson

January 23, 2017

this week was a crazy week. We had transfers so i have a new comp! her name is Hna Ordoñez and shes from Honduras. Shes so much fun and im learning alot from her. Hna Moore is now in San marcos! Im still in C so thats good.
the best part of this week was the baptism and wedding of B and B. it went perfectly and it was beautiful. They are so happy and are the cutest litttle couple. im so happy for them. now we are going to work with them so that they can go to the temple and progress even more in the gospel.
we also went with J and found out that his wife is in the hospital and that they are going to amputate her toe. we invited him to get baptized this saturday and he accepted. he really has a desire to do whats right. The challenges in his life right now are helping him see the importance of the gospel. we found out yesterday that they already did the operation and that hes going to be in the hospital all week with her. we have faith that there will still be a baptism but we will see what he says.
WE had a miracle in the church. D came to church. D is the older brother of the twins. he hasnt been interested for a while but yesterdaY he came to church. We are going to work with him.
this week we have a missionary conference worldwide and im so excited to learn from the apostles. we are also going to Xela in february with mission xela and elder Rasband is going to come!!! we are so excited!
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January 16, 2017

Well i have two weeks to catch up on and its been a fabluous two weeks. so we have seen a lot of miracles. This amazing girl named D went to church. She just graduated as a nurse and is looking for the truth. She is very accepting of the gospel and i think is very prepared. She wants to do things right. But she showed up in the middle of the sacrament by herself. I was so happy. I know she will get baptized. We also found this joven J who is also searching for the truth and doesnt go to a church because he hasnt found one that he truly believes. He told us, Hermanas i will believe everything you say. We told him that he needs to pray and ask god if the church is true and he was like Wow no one has ever told me that. Im going to do it. It was amazing,
B and B are getting married and baptized this saturday!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED. they are amazing and adorable and just ready. We were feeling sad for B because shes young and not having the dream wedding that she wants but then we found her a big princess dress and her face just lit up when we told her. Saturday is going to be such a special day!!!
so this week we entered into a shortage of hnas and president sent us Hna Bracha!!! Hna Bracha is from Oregon and she came with Hna Taylor. We have been in the funnest trio this week. It has been so much fun! But tomorrow with transfers Hna Bracha is going back to her old area. We will be sad to say goodbye!
I love being a missionary and i love this work!! Christ lives.
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