Well i have two weeks to catch up on and its been a fabluous two weeks. so we have seen a lot of miracles. This amazing girl named D went to church. She just graduated as a nurse and is looking for the truth. She is very accepting of the gospel and i think is very prepared. She wants to do things right. But she showed up in the middle of the sacrament by herself. I was so happy. I know she will get baptized. We also found this joven J who is also searching for the truth and doesnt go to a church because he hasnt found one that he truly believes. He told us, Hermanas i will believe everything you say. We told him that he needs to pray and ask god if the church is true and he was like Wow no one has ever told me that. Im going to do it. It was amazing,
B and B are getting married and baptized this saturday!!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED. they are amazing and adorable and just ready. We were feeling sad for B because shes young and not having the dream wedding that she wants but then we found her a big princess dress and her face just lit up when we told her. Saturday is going to be such a special day!!!
so this week we entered into a shortage of hnas and president sent us Hna Bracha!!! Hna Bracha is from Oregon and she came with Hna Taylor. We have been in the funnest trio this week. It has been so much fun! But tomorrow with transfers Hna Bracha is going back to her old area. We will be sad to say goodbye!
I love being a missionary and i love this work!! Christ lives.
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