this week was a crazy week. We had transfers so i have a new comp! her name is Hna Ordoñez and shes from Honduras. Shes so much fun and im learning alot from her. Hna Moore is now in San marcos! Im still in C so thats good.
the best part of this week was the baptism and wedding of B and B. it went perfectly and it was beautiful. They are so happy and are the cutest litttle couple. im so happy for them. now we are going to work with them so that they can go to the temple and progress even more in the gospel.
we also went with J and found out that his wife is in the hospital and that they are going to amputate her toe. we invited him to get baptized this saturday and he accepted. he really has a desire to do whats right. The challenges in his life right now are helping him see the importance of the gospel. we found out yesterday that they already did the operation and that hes going to be in the hospital all week with her. we have faith that there will still be a baptism but we will see what he says.
WE had a miracle in the church. D came to church. D is the older brother of the twins. he hasnt been interested for a while but yesterdaY he came to church. We are going to work with him.
this week we have a missionary conference worldwide and im so excited to learn from the apostles. we are also going to Xela in february with mission xela and elder Rasband is going to come!!! we are so excited!
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