This week was a great week!! We have had some amazing lessons with amazing people. The twins, Y and S came to church again and want to get baptized. we are waiting for ´permission. I dont really understand what changed them and what made them have the desire to get baptized again but they do. And I’m excited. Its clearly a miracle from God because there is absolutely no other explanation.
We met this couple E and I who have been to the church in Mexico before. E has a past and really whats to be better. He is really showing a desire to repent. When we first met him he just talked and talked and talked but now he listens and asks questions that show that he is ready to repent.
We met C while looking for a different investigator. The other investigator wasn’t home but C sat us down and just started to tell us his life story. We listened to him talk and then testified about Christ and the importance of going to a church. He told us I feel something in my heart that I’ve never felt before. Ever since I stopped going to church I don’t like listening to the word of God nor do I want to go to church. But I want to go to church with you guys and I feel something different. He is someone ready for the gospel who was looking for it!
E is a mom who doesn’t go to a church but wants to go. Sometimes she changes her mind because of her fears and the things other people say. But she came to church this Sunday. It was a miracle. She loved the church and is praying about baptism. She still has fears but she is moving forward. Her husband is even reading the Book of Mormon with her.
D  is still doing well. She had HUGE problems with her family this week. They really don’t treat her well or like she has any worth. She is struggling with that but we are trying to help her. The gospel is the answer to all of her problems.
we went to the waterfall again today!!!
I got my Christmas package.
There was a new street that they opened (the street that we live on) and there was a HUGE party sunday afternoon and night with a concert, bbq and dancing.
Hermana Gunderson