This week was an amazing week. First of all was all the miracles with hna E. She is such an amazing woman. She has a desire to learn and become better but she also has a lot of fears. But this week we have seen her shed a lot of her fears. We went to invite her to an activity thursday and her husband wasn’t home and she couldnt call and tell him she was going to leave. Normally she would have stayed home in fear of her husband but instead she was like NOPE im going. and she went and it was amazing. Then we were able to teach her husband and he prayed at the end and started crying. He told us that he felt something amazing in his heart and earlier in the lesson he was all maybe if i have time I’lol come to church but after that prayer he told us Hermanas we are all going to church tomorrow. AND THEY ALL CAME. It was beautiful. We felt like crying. Even their kids stayed quiet in the sacrament meeting. The gospel really changes lives and makes us into better people. We really did nothing to change either of them. they are changing because they have found the true gospel.
C came to church and to 3 church activities this week. He is still a bit hesitant but he accepted to get baptized the 4 of March. He really is a miracle.
On saturday was the conference with Elder Rasband. It was an amazing conference full of the spirit. it was such a priveledge to listen to him and to learn from him. We all felt the love of christ for us that he taught and the importance of our calling. It was an unforgettable experience.
Hermana Gunderson