It’s  my last transfer and I’m well I don’t know I how I feel right now. I’ve heard rumors that I have transfers and that makes me really sad. I just want to find out!! I think they will call us in the night. I really just want to stay in C  with hna Ordoñez but we will see what the Lord says…
This week we have seen literal miracles. FIRST, E IS GOING TO GET BAPTIZED!!!!! she said yes and its the best thing in the world. I cannot  explain to you the change that she has had. She is a different person, more confident, happier, she has light in her eyes now. It’s  amazing to see this change. And she is so excited to get baptized. And really she is a person that is truly converted. She is experiencing the joy of the gospel.
BUT with all good amazing miracles we have to fight satanas. So the husband of Elvira, Roni has started to change. He at first was like why would YOU go to a church?? don’t you know how you act? but now he is telling her we will go to church together and really if all that the hermanas are telling us is true our lives are going to change. He came to church and felt the spirit and really is making changes. But satan, in the form of his buddy, came in sunday morning, took away his desire to go to church that day and he just left the house and went drinking with his friends. Elvira came home to find them drunk and she kicked the friends out and just cried because she felt like she had been lied to by him. But being the amazing woman that she is she says the thing that gives her hope is what the bishop’s wife told her about their conversion story (a very similar situatuion). Now they aren’t married so they need to get married to be baptized but with this situation we don’t know about a wedding. Elvira told us if i cant get baptized right now im not going to leave the church. I’m never going to sop going why would i do that? ELVIRA IS AMAZING: Hna Ordoñez and i have faith and hope that we have a wedding and a baptism this Saturday. Satan is fighting hard but we are going to fight harder and do all that we can to pull this off. I know God will help us. Miracles exist. God’s  power is way bigger than Satan’s power. ITS WEDDING TIME AND BAPTISM TIME:
The mission is literally the best thing in the world. And the gospel of Jesus Christ is even better.
Hermana Gunderson