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March 2017



March 20, 2017

Hey this week has been super fun and busy like always. If you remember B from last week well we figured out the reason that he told us that he wasnt going to pass the interview. It turns out that they arent actually married. So we are working on helping them get married (im getting really good at weddings) but his wife H isnt too keen on the idea. but we went back with them and we animated them a lot to the idea of marriage and now we are just waiting on a date!!! #weddingnumber3
We are visiting the family of F, the convert of the elders and his daughter came to church for the second time and his wife for the first time. They really like the church and are really progressing. They are a great family. I hope that they will keep coming and that they will get baptized. they are miracles.
In the church so many members brought friends to church!!! it was amazing. I love the idea that we should never go to church alone. ALWAYS BRING A FRIEND.
This week i have learned that i am truly part chapina and that i understand all the jerga and can make an AMAZING TORTILLA.
We have found a lot of cool people this week!! and we are hoping for more miracles!!
we contacted a jehovas witness, taught her a little bit and then asked her if she knew of anyone that we could visit. She told us well i don’t know if you guys know but everybody runs away from you.
thanks. that’s comforting. We already knew that. haha
Hermana Gunderson

March 27, 2017

This week was a good week. We have been focusing alot on becoming better in the small things so that we can have success. We are still working with a family and they are doing well. We invited them to be baptized but they said that they aren’t quite prepared yet. But we are still working with them to help them be prepared and to have more of a desire. it was also hard because the didn’t come to church this week, but we do not lose hopé.
We talked with H (the girlfriend of B) about why she didn’t want to get married. And we figured out that the only thing that is stopping them is money for the lawyer. Well we know a lawyer thats a member that will do it for free. So we just have to talk to all of them this week and choose a date and start planning. Its really exciting. they are going to go to all sessions of conference this weekend. WOO
We ended up loosing alot of investigators this week because they stopped progressing and stopped wanting to repent and change their lives. This has been hard and a challenge of faith. I want so badly to finish with success but it is in the Lord’s hands. I just have to work diligently, have faith, and trust in the lord.
I did exchanges with Hna Taylor this week and she has grown so much as a missionary. I loved being able to work with her again.
in the womens conference there was a talk that really impacted me. it was about a woman with cancer that got back from her first session of Chemo and was feeling terrible and complaining to her husband and her husband just looked at her and said. well it looks like we have to find someone to serve. And i loved that. Sometimes there are things going on in our lives that are hard but the BEST way to find happiness is to serve someone else. I have learned that time and time again as a missionary. I love serving people.
Hermana Gunderson

March 13, 2017

This week we have had miracles with the investigators that we have. We have so many people that are SO CLOSE to baptism. There is a 14 year old named A that wants to get baptized. She only needs permission from her parents. She was a miracle because E Zapata, one of the assistants taught her and then found her in the bus to Xela and called us with her information and we went and visited her and she’s amazing. There’s also J the girlfirend of a member. She  is so close to getting baptized. She just has to recieve an answer and then stop working on Sundays and get married or move out of the member’s house. But shes really amazing. She is progressing a lot.
There is another hermano. B. He is the husband of a member and told us that he would get baptized this Saturday but he is scared of the interview. But I have faith that everthing will work out. He really has a big desire to get baptized.
We have started teaching the family of a recent convert of the elders and they came to church this Sunday. They are an amazing family and hopefully they can follow their father and husband into the waters of baptism. There is a returned missionary in the ward who presented us to her family and they are amazing. They are going to come to church and are praying about baptism. The Hermana wants so badly for her family to join the church. I have faith that we can help them.
And finally O is the boyfriend/husband of a member and is so close to baptism. He goes every week and is really repenting and changing his life. he loves church but is just a little scared of baptism and the commitment that it brings. He also has to get married.
We are working hard, trying to help every single one of these people get baptized. We can feel that the miracles are going to happen.
I have complete faith in the Lord.
I love the mission. I love the gospel.
Hermana Gunderson

March 6, 2017

Well first is that E GOT MARRIED AND BAPTISED!!!!!!!  It was a beautiful day. Her eyes just shone with happiness. She told me Hermana, I’m so happy.  All of my dreams are coming true. I can’t believe that it’s real. It feels like a dream. It was so amazing. I am so grateful that I got to see her change. I found her, taught her, saw her change and then saw her get baptized. She really is one of the chosen. I love her so much.
The other news is that yes I had transfers. I am now in S. It was the ONLY part of the mission that I didn’t know. Haha now I can say that I know the entire mission and have worked in every zone. My compañera is Hna Diego from Peru. She was the nurse but now I’m training her as an hermana leader. She’s adorable. We are opening the area so we literally know NO ONE but it’s an adventure and it’s something to keep me SUPER BUSY my last transfer. We have some cool people that the Hermanas and elders left behind that we are working with so that they can get baptized this month. Other than that it’s just learning the area and finding new people to teach. It’s an adventure.
My latina comps have been from Honduras and Peru mainly.
I have worked in every zone of the mission.
A peruana started my mission and one is going to end it.
God is amazing and works miracles. We were allowed to go to the baptism of E but we needed to be in La Virgen at 5 for the last bus. Well we did not make it and we ended up having to take a small bus to coatepeque to see what would happen. Then the tire blows out and we exit the bus and in literally two minutes a bus to Reu comes and saves us. And had the tire not blown out we would not have found the bus. God is always watching over us.
Hna Gunderson


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