Well first is that E GOT MARRIED AND BAPTISED!!!!!!!  It was a beautiful day. Her eyes just shone with happiness. She told me Hermana, I’m so happy.  All of my dreams are coming true. I can’t believe that it’s real. It feels like a dream. It was so amazing. I am so grateful that I got to see her change. I found her, taught her, saw her change and then saw her get baptized. She really is one of the chosen. I love her so much.
The other news is that yes I had transfers. I am now in S. It was the ONLY part of the mission that I didn’t know. Haha now I can say that I know the entire mission and have worked in every zone. My compañera is Hna Diego from Peru. She was the nurse but now I’m training her as an hermana leader. She’s adorable. We are opening the area so we literally know NO ONE but it’s an adventure and it’s something to keep me SUPER BUSY my last transfer. We have some cool people that the Hermanas and elders left behind that we are working with so that they can get baptized this month. Other than that it’s just learning the area and finding new people to teach. It’s an adventure.
My latina comps have been from Honduras and Peru mainly.
I have worked in every zone of the mission.
A peruana started my mission and one is going to end it.
God is amazing and works miracles. We were allowed to go to the baptism of E but we needed to be in La Virgen at 5 for the last bus. Well we did not make it and we ended up having to take a small bus to coatepeque to see what would happen. Then the tire blows out and we exit the bus and in literally two minutes a bus to Reu comes and saves us. And had the tire not blown out we would not have found the bus. God is always watching over us.
Hna Gunderson