This week we have had miracles with the investigators that we have. We have so many people that are SO CLOSE to baptism. There is a 14 year old named A that wants to get baptized. She only needs permission from her parents. She was a miracle because E Zapata, one of the assistants taught her and then found her in the bus to Xela and called us with her information and we went and visited her and she’s amazing. There’s also J the girlfirend of a member. She  is so close to getting baptized. She just has to recieve an answer and then stop working on Sundays and get married or move out of the member’s house. But shes really amazing. She is progressing a lot.
There is another hermano. B. He is the husband of a member and told us that he would get baptized this Saturday but he is scared of the interview. But I have faith that everthing will work out. He really has a big desire to get baptized.
We have started teaching the family of a recent convert of the elders and they came to church this Sunday. They are an amazing family and hopefully they can follow their father and husband into the waters of baptism. There is a returned missionary in the ward who presented us to her family and they are amazing. They are going to come to church and are praying about baptism. The Hermana wants so badly for her family to join the church. I have faith that we can help them.
And finally O is the boyfriend/husband of a member and is so close to baptism. He goes every week and is really repenting and changing his life. he loves church but is just a little scared of baptism and the commitment that it brings. He also has to get married.
We are working hard, trying to help every single one of these people get baptized. We can feel that the miracles are going to happen.
I have complete faith in the Lord.
I love the mission. I love the gospel.
Hermana Gunderson